Manila School Board increases reimbursements

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Manila School Board worked through a short agenda Thursday, Oct. 18, raising reimbursements, approving resolutions to conduct business and discussing the attendance incentive.

Superintendent Jason Evers requested the board consider raising the reimbursements for meals while on school business from $29 a day to $40 a day and the mileage reimbursement from 40 cents a mile to 42 cents a mile.

Board members had no objections.

All board members, Jeremy Jackson, president; Tracey Reinhart, vice president; Monte Middleton, secretary; Johnny McCain, Tommy Wagner, Danny Robbins and Casey Wells, were present.

The board approved resolutions to conduct business with several companies or individuals with owners related to school employees, administrators and board members

as were disclosed.

Evers informed the board attendance incentives for teachers and staff has been successful. He said 65 had received perfect attendance for the first nine weeks and 44 had received good attendance. Attendance checks were distributed in the amounts of $125 for perfect attendance and $60 for good attendance.

The attendance checks will be given out at the end of each nine weeks.

The board approved the list of all teachers and staff receiving a pay increase of five percent or more over last year. Evers explained the increase can come from stipends, overtime, pay increments, etc. The board reviewed and approved the list.

Evers distributed copies of trap team rules and regulations (a sample from a neighboring school) for the board to review and consider.

He said they will discuss and decide on including a trap team to the extracurricular activities at the November board meeting.

“We still have time as long as we make a decision by January,” Evers said. “We want to make the right decision for our school.”

The board went into executive session to discuss personnel issues but no action was taken.

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