MMF webpage up and running

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Connor Cole, Manila High School junior, creates webpage for Moving Manila Forward.

Moving Manila Forward (MMF), a community development initiative promoting Manila, now has one more accomplishment to add to their long list of positives. A MMF webpage has been created and is up and running.

MMF webpage was created by a young high school student, Connor Cole, a junior at Manila High School.

MMF organized two years ago with the objectives to preserve Manila's rich heritage, build on the city's unique assets and work together to build a vibrant, sustainable future.

One way to promote Manila and let others know what there is to offer is a webpage making information available at the touch of a key.

Ray Benson, Mississippi County Extension Service agent/chair, has been the liaison for MMF and the partnership with Breakthrough Solutions, the community and economic development divsion of the University of Arkansas.

Connor said Mr. Benson came to the school and talked to the computer science teacher asking if she knew of a student who would be interested and have the knowledge to create a webpage for MMF.

“She recommended me and I was very interested in taking on the task,” Connor said.

Conner had some experience creating a webpage as he had built one for Calvary Baptist, the church he attends.

He worked with Mr. Benson on gathering information and Connor has been very pleased with how the webpage is coming together. It is filled with information about Manila, the surrounding area and Mississippi County.

“It is a work in progress,” he said.

There are three ways to log on to the webpage:;; and

There is a feature on the left side that allows people to sign up to receive emails which will keep them informed.

Conner developed his interest in computers at a very young age.

“I really thought building the webpage would be more difficult,” he said. “The first one I did was a real challenge, but this one came together easily for me even though it is quite a bit larger.”

Updates will be added on a monthly basis and people will be able to check to see when and where meetings are being held and any upcoming activities. The webpage will allow people from out of town who may be interested in relocating to the area to see exactly what Manila has to offer.

“Like I said before, it is a work in progress so don't just log on once, check it out often,” Conner said. “Updates will be added.”

Benson said the webpage dedicated to the organization will help keep people informed.

"Moving Manila Forward board decided over a year ago to start the webpage project.

"We visited with the school administration last year and discussed the possibility of the web page project becoming a part of an East lab program," Benson said. "Instead, the board elected to work with an individual student and was recommended to visit with Connor. From our initial visits with him, it was obvious Connor could create a really nice web page. He made us feel much less intimidated by the process. He has met with the board on two separate occasions and gathered information from us regarding content. Within just a few days, he presented a first draft of the new Moving Manila Forward site, and it looks amazing. I look forward to seeing how things progress and with working with Connor in the future."

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