Manila Council welcomes new administrators

Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Manila School District Superintendent Jason Evers (right) and Assistant Superintendent John Parrish were welcomed at the city council meeting.

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner welcomed and introduced guests, Jason Evers and John Parrish, at the Aug. 20 city council meeting.

Mr. Evers is the new superintendent for the Manila School District and Mr. Parrish is the new high school principal and assistant superintendent.

“We appreciate the city and look forward to a good working relationship,” Evers said. “We are glad to have the partnership.”

Parrish, a native of Ozark, said he is glad to be in Manila and everyone had been very welcoming to him and his family.

“We know the school has some drainage issues and some traffic issues, and hopefully we can solve the problems working together,” Mayor Wagner said.

He went on to say Henry Ford, water/sewer superintendent, is in the process of looking into the cost for an underground drainage system to help move the water.

Councilman Jason Baltimore said the football field has been built up and runs water off on the neighbors' property.

They discussed elevation and going under Old Highway 18 to help with the drainage.

Mayor Wagner said they are looking at the best solutions.

The council voted unanimously to pass a proclamation declaring the City of Manila a Purple Heart City. The city will be receiving a sign to post.

“It is the least we can do,” Councilman Dale Murphy said.

Council members all agreed it is a way to show support for the military.

A citizen addressed the council about a problem with excessive cats, saying a neighbor has about 17 cats roaming around the neighborhood. He said it is not a healthy situation; they cannot be out in their own yard because of the smell.

Mayor Wagner said he would talk to the animal control officer and they would try to make contact with the homeowner about the problem.

Gary Hill addressed the council about a culvert at his residence. Hill presented a permit from the state highway department saying he did not have to put one in. Hill purchased property on main street and plans to put in a driveway. Hill said no one along the street has a culvert.

Mayor Wagner commented not putting in a culvert today may not be a problem, but five or six years down the road it could be.

Councilman Steven Milligan commented, Come to my house when it rains and you will wish you had a culvert."

Hill said he had no objections to the city putting in a culvert.

After discussion, the city tabled the matter until the next council meeting giving everyone time to gather more information.

The next regular council meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 24.

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