Lake City Council accepts various bids

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

During the Lake City Council meeting July 23, Jason MacDonald gave a short report on projects to be paid for with leftover funds from the water project.

Low bids approved were The Scata Water Tower project bid of $50,384 from Instrument and Supply Inc. and Old Water Tower Demolition bid of $24,100 from Iseler Demolition Inc. for demolition of the old witch hat water tower.

After those projects are paid for the remainder of the funds will be used to purchase auto read meters for the city.

Council members present included Tommy Eakins, Harold Barker, Brenda Hutcheson, Mike George, Toby Rand and Danny Dunigan. Also present was City Clerk Linda Simpson.

Mayor Jon Milligan asked the council to consider the city using debit cards for residents to pay water bills. He said it would be of no cost to the city. Residents would pay 3 percent of the debit amount plus $1.00 charge, should they choose to use a card. The council voted unanimously to approve the use of debit cards per autitor's approval.

Mayor Milligan opened paving bids for Fourth Street and Carter Street. Bids were: Redrock $78,000; John Cooley 62,726; and Atlas Asphalt $48,372.

Council accepted the low bid from Atlas Asphalt with a 6-0 vote.

Mayor Milligan presented a bid from Huffman Custom Hauling for the demolition of the old agri building and haul to landfill, approximately 20 loads, for $7,450.

The council accepted the bid unanimously.

Park Commissioner Daniel Haynes shared with the Council coming events within the city including new scoreboards to be purchased by Unico Bank, Nutrien, Milligan Heat and Air, and Winford Roofing.

Councilmember Danny Dunigan again asked about elected official’s retirement.

Mayor Milligan responded that Mark Hayes had been quite busy running the office of the Arkansas Municipal League, he had not had time to contact him but he did have it on his radar.

Councilmember George asked about the Salary Committee to which Mayor Milligan replied he would be looking into that in the near future along with the budget.

Councilmember George also inquired about a school bus sitting on old school property that the city now owns.

Mayor Milligan said he would see that it was hauled off.

Discussion was held on commercial property in the city not being kept clean and orderly, namely Bowman Bros. property. Mayor Milligan said they had been notified.

Next council meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 20, at city hall.

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