Rickey Copeland receives KAIT8 GR8 Acts of Kindness award

Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Rickey Copeland of Monette was awarded the KAIT 8 GR8 Acts of Kindness Award. Pictured are, from left: Allen Williams, Community president of First Community Bank; Copeland; Deania Van Hoozer with First Community Bank; Diana Davis with KAIT 8; and Mack Marrow with First Community Bank.

Rickey Copeland of Monette quietly goes about serving his church and his community. He served his country in the U.S. Air Force and is a Vietnam veteran. He served as a school teacher at Buffalo Island Central for 30 years encouraging his students to do their best. He is retired and that gives him more time to continue to serve. He is a regular volunteer at Monette Manor and volunteers at church where he is needed.

Copeland was surprised on Monday, July 16, when a KAIT 8 crew and representatives from First Community Bank, along with many friends and family, arrived at the Monette Church of Christ and presented him with the KAIT 8 GR8 Acts of Kindness award.

KAIT's Diana Davis presented him with the award and $408 for his many acts of kindness.

The GR8 Acts of Kindness, a partnership between KAIT 8 and First Community Bank, began two years ago honoring local people throughout the area.

“He is a very loved man,” said Pam Mangrum, one of the many who submitted Copeland's name for consideration. “He is always there for his friends, his church and the community.”

Another friend commented, “Rickey sees what needs to be done and he does it.” She said he works in the flower beds at the church, teaches, paints a sign if needed and serves by example.

Monette Manor was well represented for the award. Copeland is a volunteer at Monette Manor Nursing Center. He helps with the residents and provides entertainment using his musical talents. Copeland is an accomplished drummer and has passed his love of music down to his son.

In addition to his service locally, Copeland has made five mission trips to India where he worked in the World Bible School.

The crowd helped Davis count out the $408 offering a round of applause.

Davis said when the GR8 Acts of Kindness started two years ago, they did not have a formal plan for the presentation.

“Each one has been a blessing to me,” she said.

Allen Williams, Community president of First Community Bank, along with Deania VanHoozer and Mack Marrow, were on hand for the presentation.

A reception was held following the ceremony.

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