Caraway Council works through short agenda

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Caraway Council members worked through a short agenda Tuesday evening following a public meeting, discussing and establishing park and recreation priorities. Plans are to apply for a grant for park improvements.

Mayor Barry Riley informed the council no bids had been submitted for property on State Street. The council agreed to list the residential property with a realtor. Councilman John Boatman suggested leaving the price at $7,000 which will reimburse most of the money the city has in the property.

Scott Browning informed the council the fire truck purchased from Jonesboro is in the shop for repair. The pump has to be rebuilt which will cost $3,000 and servicing the truck will be $2,200 for a total of $5,200.

Mayor Riley said the repair can be paid from ACT 833 funds and the service cost will be paid from the general fund.

The council voted unanimously, 4-0, to pay for the repair and the service.

Other council members present were Jerry Martin, Mitchell Tipton and Marvin Browning.

Mayor Riley said he and Park Commissioner Jeremy Garland had been working on a grant from Parks and Recreation. He said one of the priorities for the ballpark is a new scoreboard. A rendering of the scoreboard was presented to the council with an estimated cost of $12,268.

The council passed a resolution to allow Mayor Riley to move forward to apply for the grant.

“We have one of the best ball fields in the county and we need to keep it up,” Councilman Martin said.

Martin went on to say he would like to see the school using the field.

The newly appointed park commission has had a couple of tournaments and others games at the park.

Garland said sod will be coming to the park and they are looking at a two HP pump to keep the sod watered. There is a well on the property.

“We have lights on the field which will help,” Garland said.

Mayor Riley said Councilman Roger Williams is looking for help for the Fourth of July celebration. The fireworks have been ordered.

Councilman Tipton said the new medical clinic is scheduled to open on Wednesday. There will be a ribbon cutting and open house later in the month.

Mayor Riley also announced dirt work on the new dollar store had begun. Clean-up efforts continue. Chief of Police Shannon Kelems said about 10 vehicles had been moved and several property owners have been cited to court.

Mayor Riley said the 15 MPH signs voted on at the last meeting have been ordered and will be placed when they come in.

Garland said he had asked several for estimates for the dugout work but had only one from Kenneth Winford. The council had voted last month to pay half the cost with the park commission paying the other half. The council had no objections to Winford doing the work.

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