Leachville Fire Department receives grant

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Leachville City Council amended an ordinance, Ordinance 2015-1, at the monthly meeting held May 14.The nepotism ordinance was amended to allow spouses or domestic partners to work in the police department. The amendment is for the police department only and for part-time officers only.

The council voted to purchase front tires for the backhoe and a drill needed by the street department.

Fire Chief Drake Brown and Mayor Rodney Robertson received word the fire department had been granted a matching grant to purchase digital radios. The radios will allow the fire department to be in contact with other area fire departments in the county/area. Brown had applied for the 50/50 matching grant in the amount of $27,409.60. The city will pay half from the General Fund.

Mayor Robertson and Chief Brown will go to Little Rock on May 24 and accept the grant on behalf of the city and the fire department.

The council heard an update on the Melody Theater which recently re-opened after a fire. There is still a leak at the southwest corner to be repaired. A few items, including runners, are needed but everything is going well.

The Cave Dwellers, a group of volunteers who provide fireworks display for the Fourth of July, was approved for $750 from the city to go to the purchase of fireworks. The fireworks display and gathering may need be moved to the north end of town this year due to school construction.

The council approved $500 for the summer program at the Leachville Library. There is a summer program and children enjoy magic shows, animal shows and reading events. Refreshments for the children and prize drawings are held throughout the summer program.

Mayor Robertson offered an estimate from Casey Carpenter in the amount of $9,600 to repair the sidewalk in front of city hall to the veteran's park. He said they would lower the sidewalk which would help with drainage. The council voted to have the sidewalk repaired.

A quote for the cemetery lanes in the amount of $9,250 was approved by the council. The cemetery pavement will be repaired with the holes and cracks filled in and a cap (covering) on the asphalt.

Mayor Robertson thanked the city maintenance workers for all of their hard work during the clean-up. The city filled 13 dumpsters. They have also been working to pick up limbs.

The council discussed making sure all of the city addresses are correct in preparation for the upcoming census. The council will have a working meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, June 4, to review addresses.

Clerk/treasurer Ruth Ann Keith gave the financial report with the General Fund balance of $141,990.16; Street Fund $86,252.66; Melody Theater Fund $9,194.70; Melody Theater Refurbish Balance $20,088.16; Employee Savings $9,251.37; Fire Protection Fund $15,743.19; ACT 833 Fund, $13,086.71; Court Automation Fund, $6,432.56; Certificates of Deposits, Street Fund, $5,674.23; Cemetery Fund, $5,344.20; Fire Protection Fund, $10,377.85; Leachville Volunteer Fire Department Discretionary Fund, $1,859.12; Leachville Festival Fund $12,175.10; and cemetery donations for clean up $585. Water and Sewer Revenue $26,884.49; Operation & Maintenance Account $17,121.78; with total funds available $44,006.27.

In the council comments:

*Lisa Baldridge gave an update on the 34th Harvest Festival scheduled for Sept. 1. She also announced the cemetery clean-up scheduled for May 19. She expressed her appreciation saying 30 people have volunteered to help. John and Marie Thompson donated 300 flags for the veterans grave sites. She said he also had a donation of $600 which will be used to have a bouquet on every gravesite.

*Teresa Johnson thanked the city for helping with the fireworks.

*Richie Pace thanked the city workers for their clean-up efforts and all of the people who worked.

In the visitor comments:

*Angie Rye commented the meeting was one of the most cheerful meetings she had attended with the council working together.

*Carolyn Blocker thanked the city for cleaning the culvert/tile behind her home.

*Marilyn Looney reminded everyone of the early voting being held at city hall. Election day is May 22.

*Donna Austin thanked the city for the library donation.

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