Monette council hears Black Oak sewage details

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Engineer Wayne Menley addresses Monette City Council concerning proposed Black Oak sewage project. (photo provided/Nan Snider)

Monette City Council discussed routes and hook ups for the proposed transport of Black Oak sewage to the Monette Wastewater Treatment Facility during their meeting Monday, April 23.

Project engineer Wayne Menley, with Miller-Newell Engineers Inc., was on hand to answer questions from the council, with additional input from Black Oak Mayor Eddie Dunigan. The Monette council agreed a few months ago to treat sewage and to work out the details for the project.  

Menley displayed an overview of the two prospective routes between Black Oak northern city limits and the treatment plant located on the eastern side of Monette. The route decision is one of the last steps in finalizing Black Oak’s application for funding with USDA.

Monette will have several options concerning the main sewage line from Black Oak, which include choosing the route of entry, allowing or not allowing direct hook-ups inside the city limits, to purchase the main sewage line as it enters the city limits, or allow Black Oak to service customers inside city limits.

“If Monette purchases the line inside the city limits, residents can get their sewage line connected at no cost to the city,” Menley said. “Individuals can then pay for their own grinder stations, which normally run $6,000 to $6,500 each. For Monette to be able to use the south line they have to own it. That would mean having the line appraised, and payback the 40-year loan for installing that line.

“Another option would be to let Black Oak service the customers and bill the Monette residents directly,” he said. “The grinding stations could be put in as the main line being laid at no cost to the customer. The new customer monthly bills would probably run about $55 to $60 for sewer fee, billed to them by Black Oak. Rural Water will provide the water for this project.”

The alternate main sewer line from Black Oak would stay out of the Monette city limits. Black Oak plans to contact potential customers along that route and inquire if they want sewer service grinder stations installed. Whoever puts in the grinder station has to maintain it.

“I don’t see where we have any benefits from having our residents hook on to the Black Oak line,” said Monette councilman Tommy Carroll.

“Except the cost of installing grinder stations,” Menley said.

“I don’t think our people would want to pay $55 a month for sewer,” said alderman Christian Nuckles.

The Monette council tabled a decision on the sewer route and hook-up proposal until they could hold a working meeting on May 7.

Menley fielded questions from the council concerning proper disposal of the old Monette sewer plant after the new plant was built.

Alderman Nuckles inquired about the original bidding process for removal of the old plant.

“I have been told not all bidders knew the debris did not have to be hauled to an approved landfill,” Nuckles said. “Had they had known some of it could have been buried on site, it would have affected their bids. They were not bidding apple to apple on this.”

Menley said all bidders had the same information given to them. How they interpreted it may have varied. Nuckles maintained that McClanahan Construction Company needed to come back and finish the job correctly.

“I was told that the rebar and concrete had been hauled,” Menley said. “The demolition was not a part of the original project. The contractor worked for the city, and not for me.”

“It was not hauled,” Nuckles said. “I think we were misled. It is not the job we expected.”

Menley agreed to contact McClanahan about the matter.

The council discussed the sewer plant generator warranty with United Engines and an extended warranty policy with MTU Onsite Energy. Decisions on policies were tabled until more information could be obtained.

The council heard reports from Monette Sewer Superintendent Jerry Lamar concerning sewer screen stops filtering trash and grit at the new sewer plant and the moisture remaining in expelled collections for transport. Alderman Mark Rolland related the need for auger in discharge shoot leading to the big dumpster, to alleviate manual labor. The council discussed options for discharge and hauling.

Monette Mayor Chub Qualls said no bids for construction of the new police headquarters had been received.

A request for billboard construction along the Highway 18 northern bypass to the city evoked discussions about former billboard ordinance proposals and annex discussions for pockets of land around the bypass and defined right-of-ways from the State Highway Department. These items will be discussed at the upcoming working meeting.

The May City Council meeting was moved from May 28 to May 21, due to Memorial Day weekend.

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