Manila council rejects location for new apartment complex

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner and city council members met with builder Robert Tate in a special called meeting Monday, April 9, to discuss a proposed site for an apartment complex.

Tate had previously addressed the council about building a triplex apartment on the west side of Parker and south side of Dewey Street. Tate has numerous apartments around town and assured the council he would continue to maintain the upkeep.

As is the council's policy, no decision was made at the March meeting giving council time to hear any pros or cons from area residents before making a final decision. The special meeting was set to continue the discussion.

“We know you (Tate) are doing a good job with your property,” Mayor Wagner said. “The council has been trying to limit apartments near the school and on main street.”

Mayor Wagner asked Tate about building single dwelling houses on the lot instead of apartments.

Tate said it cost more to build houses than apartments.

Tate asked about property he owned at Olympia Cove. He has apartments there also and said there is room for more. The plans he had for the apartments on Dewey and Parker Streets would fit on the Olympia Cove property.

“I'm in here for the long haul,” Tate said. “When I build something I will take care of it."

Councilman Jason Baltimore said unless there were some major objections he had no problem with adding apartments on Olympia Cove.

Mayor Wagner asked Tate to get with Tracey Reinhart, code enforcement officer, to see about the plans at Olympia Cove and look at the lot on Parker and Dewey to see what it would take to place two single dwelling houses on the property.

Councilman Dale Murphy expressed his appreciation to Tate for his work on keeping his rental property clean and for working with the city.

The council will discuss it at the next regular council meeting scheduled for 5 p.m. Monday, April 23.

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