Moving Manila Forward meets with city officials

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Moving Manila Forward Committee meets with Manila city officials.

Ray Benson, CES staff chair of Mississippi County, and Andrew Fleeman, Moving Manila Forward chair, along with other Moving Manila Forward members met with Mayor Wayne Wagner and city council members Thursday evening.

Benson presented the mission statement and objectives of the group discussing the activities, meetings and future plans.

The group focused on the positive assets of the community and the desire to all work together to promote Manila.

They all agreed communication between the city officials, Moving Manila Forward, school, Manila Industries, Pilots Association and clubs is an important tool in the success of Moving Manila Forward.

Moving Manila Forward has raised money to create a webpage which will tie to the city and the airport.

Mayor Wagner requested anytime the organization was having a meeting or event to contact the secretary at city hall and she will contact the city officials.

“We do want to get involved,” he said.

It was also suggested a representative occasionally update the council at a regular meeting.

Fleeman said there has been a huge support on the upcoming barbecue fest set for April 21. He said it will bring a lot of people to Manila.

“Our water park brings a lot of people in,” Councilman Jason Baltimore said.

Mayor Wagner said Manila is fortunate to have Southworth. It is the second longest industry in Mississippi County.

“If we can all work together, the sky is the limit,” Mayor Wagner said.

Donna Jackson also gave an update on a few of the projects underway. She said she would like to promote the museum.

“We have live music once a month at the museum and have had a good response,” she said.

Fleeman said everyone involved wants to see the community thrive. There will be a meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 11, at the Manila High School auditorium.

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