Manila Council hears apartment construction request

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
Robert Tate addressed the Manila City Council about plans for building an apartment complex. Pictured seated, from left are: City Attorney Wes Wagner, guest Ken Kennemore, Mississippi County Judge candidate; and Councilman Donnie Wagner. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Before the March 19 Manila City Council meeting was called to order, Mississippi County Judge candidate Ken Kennemore introduced himself. Kennemore is an Osceola resident. He said he wants the county to grow and all areas of the county to do well.

Mayor Wayne Wagner introduced Robert Tate with Tate Apartments who presented plans for building a triplex apartment complex on the west side of Parker and south side of Dewey Street.

He said there will be two paved parking spots for each apartment and sidewalks in front of the apartments.

Tate assured the council he does and will continue to maintain the upkeep and the property on all of his apartments.

“I have about 40 around town and they are all filled,” he said.

He said he receives a lot of requests for apartments.

The new apartments will each have a porch, and he will do the landscaping. The apartments will be 900 square feet with two bedrooms, one bath and vaulted ceilings.

Following a discussion with the council, Councilman Jason Baltimore said the council's policy is to run the information in the newspaper giving residents in the area time to talk to council members with any pros or cons for the project or attend the council meeting to express opinions.

The council set a special meeting at 5 p.m. Monday, April 9, to discuss the apartment complex.

In addition to the apartments, the council will discuss addition to the fire department and part-time help at the community center at the special called meeting.

Woody Townsend with the Pilots Association gave an update on the Manila Municipal Airport activities. He said the pilots association had donated a simulator, the only one in the area. The closest simulator is located in Memphis. He said the membership fee is $50 which will give members unlimited use of the simulator which is a savings over renting an airplane to train.

“The simulator was not purchased to make money but to provide a service,” he said.

Townsend reported a safety seminar had been held at the airport; the pilots association will fly in shrimp from the Gulf and have it on hand for the Barbecue Festival; movie nights are being held the second Saturday of each month; and the new mechanic at the airport will begin on April 1.

Townsend went on to discuss working on a five year plan with work done through grants. He said the hangars are 100 percent filled and unfortunately right now there is no money available for more hangars.

“Airports are either growing or dormant,” he said. “Your airport is thriving.”

Mayor Wagner updated the council on the projects underway saying the Oldham condominiums, which will be located behind Howard Funeral Service, has the foundation poured and the road bed is up. It has been too wet to work on the new street to the senior center but all of the work is going well.

Following an executive session, the council voted to give 50 cent an hour raises to Don Skaggs, Michael Skaggs, Kenny Tune, Joe Chipman and Henry Ford.

The board voted to allow Ford and the Mayor to purchase approximately $9,000 in equipment for the treatment plant.

The council also voted to allow Ford to hire Chris Byrd part-time for the trash truck.

In other business:

*The council voted to give $250 to help with food for the Veterans Day Parade for all veterans, family and friends.

*The council voted to look into leasing a John Deere lawn mower and the possibility of purchasing the one which is currently being leased. Mayor Wagner pointed out with the new highway there will be a lot more to mow.

*The council discussed a drainage problem at the Farmer Addition. Mayor Wagner said the city has received permission to go under the highway with a culvert and new ditch and it should help the drainage problem.

*Mayor Wagner said Farmers Bank will finance the purchase of a new garbage truck for the city. He said there are times when two trucks are needed. With the purchase, the city will have a good one and a back-up for after holidays. The council voted unanimously to approve the purchase.

*A resident submitted a bill for $300 for a tire ruined when she hit a pot hole on main street.

*Mayor Wagner said there will be an Easter Service at the Community Center at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

*The city of Keiser sent a thank you note to the city for the use of the chipper truck to help with clean-up after the tornado. Mayor Wagner said the city of Leachville sent a pumper truck to help when we needed help and we appreciate it.

*Mayor Wagner said flags will be placed along main street for the Veterans Parade on Saturday.

*It was reported new phones had been purchased for the police department.

*Mayor Wagner said the city had purchased a house for $100 from the school. He will check on a cost to have it moved on one of the city lots and hopefully it can be used for a Girl Scout Hut.

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