Buffalo Island Central building project on track

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Nabholz Construction Senior Project Manager Adam Seiter reported to the Buffalo Island Central School Board, Thursday, March 25, that the company hopes to complete the new high school building before the original completion date of Oct. 17.

“We follow and review our schedule milestones weekly,” Seiter said. “We expect to have the building in the dry by June 6. We have faced several weather obstacles in February and March, which set the roofer and exterior builder back about three weeks with unworkable days and reduced production due to mud. Safety is continually being reinforced with special attention to school traffic. In spite of this we are about a half day from having the roof on. We plan to tie into the MAC (Mustang Athletic Complex) in April. We will do high school first then fall back on work on the MAC. “

Floor polishing is scheduled to begin on the elementary building in Leachville on May 9. Effort is being made to get the roof on before bad weather arrives. The air conditioning should be ready to turn on in the building by the end of May. The target is to prep the building for move-in before school starts on Aug. 20. External work may continue past that, but the company has experience with working around a school in full operation.

“We will be making several decisions in the next couple of months to keep plans on schedule for the next school year,” said BIC Superintendent Gaylon Taylor. “We will wait until school is out in Leachville to demolish the junior high school. It is estimated to take 30 days for that. We are currently looking for places to put the concrete that is removed from the junior high demolition.”

Taylor announced the City of Leachville had voted to take the Leachville gymnasium, as previously offered by BIC. The land donated will only include where the actual building stands. Should the gym be no longer in use or done away with the land will revert back to the school.

In order to avoid confusion, Taylor requested the City of Leachville designate a representative to work with the school about the acquisition of any unused items from the junior high, which is slated for demolition this summer.   

The board of directors set a walk-through meeting for April 19, beginning at 5 p.m., to view construction on both campuses, with their regular meeting to begin at 6:30 p.m.

The directors went into an hour-long executive session to discuss hiring and resignations. Afterwards they approved resignations from faculty and staff employees, which include Deborah Olive, Kathy Baldridge, Karalee Johnson, Molly Delp, Brandi Timms and Justin Yates.

The board approved Randy Rose to serve as high school principal, with Mark Hurst as assistant principal, and Dr. Kima Stewart as elementary principal, with Nicole Stewart as assistant principal. The vote was 5-1 with director John Field casting the opposing vote.

The board praised the work done by the FFA students and teacher Bruce Fires, during the annual auction, which raised over $41,000.

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