State Representative candidates visit Lake City Council meeting

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Lake City Mayor Jon Millign introduced state representative candidates, Dr. Cole Peck and State Rep. Dan Sullivan, at the Feb. 26 city council meeting.

Dr. Peck gave a review of his stand on local and state issues.

State Representative Sullivan then addressed the council and guests giving his stand on local and state issues.

Mayor Milligan reviewed with the Council the pros and cons of leasing and purchasing the sanitation truck. After a brief discussion it was decided to purchase the truck the city now leases at the price left on the lease. A motion to contact Attorney Arlon Woodruff on doing a purchase agreement for the City of Lake City for the 2017 Freightliner sanitation truck to be financed at Unico Bank at 3.50% for the payoff of the current lease with Bancorp South Equipment Finance passed unanimously.

Mayor Milligan informed the council tipping fees for the Sanitation Department were going up again. Since the City has started trash pickup this will be the fourth raise in tipping fees. The City has consumed the cost in the past.

"We have looked at the costs from all sides and raising rates on the sanitation pickup to cover our cost is regretfully all we can do," Mayor Milligan said.

After a brief a discussion, the council voted unanimously to raise all residential trash pick-up $1.00 per month effective April 1.

It was also approved to raise all dumpster pick-up by 10 percent effective April 1.

Mayor Milligan discussed the purchase of trash cans for city residents. He said this was not an item that needed an approval at this time but would be something to look at after the dumpsters were paid off in May.

Approval was given by all council members to deposit AT&T funds in the amount of $400 allocated monthly directly into the sanitation account.

Upon request by City Clerk Linda Simpson, the Council voted to transfer $3,000 from the General Fund to the Sanitation Fund so payroll could be made.

Mayor Milligan shared an approved plat from the Planning and Zoning committee. Mike McNabb is the realtor and Jarrett and Jeff Cooper will be the builders of the property. The subdivision will have 135 homes with the front of the property being commercial. Property is located east of the Riverside School Administration Building.

The next council meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday, March 19, at city hall.

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