AMI Days utilized

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Matt Ziegler, Riverside High School principal.

Riverside High School Principal Matt Ziegler said the District utilized the Alternate Method of Instruction (AMI) during the first snow days of the year.

Superintendents had the option to apply to the Department of Education for AMI days. Riverside was approved for five days. Districts can reapply for additional days if it becomes necessary.

Many schools, including Riverside, have the one to one initiative with technology giving students the ability to do work at home and access to their teachers.

Through technology, Riverside teachers are available from 8 a.m until 3:10 p.m. to field questions and assist students on AMI days.

Students in the lower elementary grades are given packets with prepared lessons.

Riverside used AMI days on Friday, Jan. 12; Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 16-17.

“Overall, I think it was very positive,” Ziegler said. “The only drawback is the kids being able to enjoy a snow day with no schoolwork, but I think they will appreciate it when they do not have to go to school in June. The majority of the teachers seemed to like it, also.

“Our goal is to do the best for all of our students and this is a way to keep them engaged and on schedule. Several years ago, we were out for a long time and this could have been very helpful. We still have a couple snow days on the calendar. Hopefully we will not have to use them but it is nice to have the option. Down the road I think the students and teachers will be happy we do not have to make up the days."

Manila Superintendent Pam Castor said Manila District had not received approval from the Department of Education in time for the first snow days but she anticipates using the AMI days in the future if needed.

BIC High School Principal Randy Rose said they have used four AMI days, three due to road conditions and one due to frozen pipes. He said it has worked out well in the high school and he has heard it went well in the junior high and elementary schools.

Rose said high school students had constuctive work plans and students got it done.

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