BIC EAST student presents competition project to board

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Buffalo Island Central School Board met Thursday, Jan. 11, to receive a presentation from Carly Bird, BIC Environmental and Spatial Technology (EAST) student. While the board did not have a quorum at the time of the presentation, Bird presented a 3D rendering of the new high school campus in a program called ARCHICAD. The model was a top down view of the school with detailed layouts for classrooms. Bird said the project would be entered into the National EAST Competition.

“She started on this project last year, several of them started...Carly this year has pretty much been working independently finishing it up,” EAST Facilitator Jill Sanders said.

The rendering will be used to assist those within the school as it has models of each classroom with their intended design including whether or not the classrooms will have tables or desks.

East Elementary Principal Nicole Stewart gave her principal’s report to the board. She discussed the possibility of the district applying for more AMI days. According to Stewart the district could have initially applied for up to 10 AMI days; however, since many other districts were applying for only five, they followed suit. The district can apply for more days for the current academic year; however, they cannot apply until they have used all of the days currently held. As of now the district has used four out of the five AMI days.

Stewart also discussed the future of PLC or Professional Learning Community within the district. Stewart said she had applied for the district to have a PLC coach for this year. However, representatives within the program said that because the district is currently so spread out between schools it would be better to wait until the schools were more consolidated with the construction of the new buildings.

The board eventually met with a quorum of four and went over the minutes for last month’s meeting and the monthly financial report. A representative from Nabholz Construction was scheduled to be at the meeting; however, none were present.

“I’m out there at some point in time multiple times throughout the day. I’m in the meetings. The biggest thing we are trying to do at Leachville is we’ve got the back of that insolation board on probably 60 percent of the building and we are trying to get that sealed. And the weather has got to cooperate because it has to be above freezing and there can’t be any rain on it for at least two days,” Superintendent Gaylon Taylor said.

The board also voted to renew Taylor’s superintendent contract for another year, as well as hire Frankie Turner as a route and shuttle bus driver and Terri Rose as a third grade teacher.

The board also announced the senior class of 2018 has decided not to hold a baccalaureate service. The decision to hold the service or not has been left up to the graduating class of the year for several years now.

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