Deaf interpreter hired at BIC

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Buffalo Island Central School Board voted unanimously to hire Johnny Boatman for the position of deaf interpreter for as long as needed. The December board meeting was held Thursday, Dec. 14.

Superintendent Gaylon Taylor reviewed the financial statement giving a breakdown on the activity fund and athletic expenditures.

Board members present were Scott Colbert, Stacey Thomas, Todd Edwards, Darrin McFall, Justin Hawkins and President Jason Stewart.

Superintendent Taylor said construction of the elementary building in Leachville is a little ahead of schedule. Taylor meets with the contractors every Tuesday at Monette and Leachville. He had met with Nabholtz on exchange orders for skimming the gymnasium and paint, and maybe addition to the concrete.

Bids came in for work on the administration building and bus building. The money is from the budget's general facility fund with $3,280 on the administration building and $3,050 on the bus building.

The board voted 5-0 to give a $1,500 stipend for the elementary cheer coach, Mandy McFall. Board member McFall did not vote.

President Stewart suggested an administrator be at all school activities, including elementary ball games.

Superintendent Taylor said he would talk to the administrators and also discuss with the coaches rotating at elementary games.

Superintendent and board members expressed their appreciation to Monette Co-Op and Black Oak Gin for providing gifts for the faculty this year.

Taylor said for the last five years local gins, Black Oak Gin, Monette Co-Op, Keich-Shauver-Miller Gin, Adams Gin and Childress Gin, rotate giving to the faculty.

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