Lake City Council approves bonuses and raises

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Lake City Mayor Jon Milligan asked the City Council to approve a $250 end of the year bonus for part-time employee Lisa Sitz at the Dec. 12 meeting. She has been with the city for 90 days and has passed her probation period.

The council approved the bonus for Sitz by a unanimous vote.

Council members present were Tommy Eakins, Harold Barker, Brenda Hutcheson, Mike George and Danny Dunigan. Also present was City Clerk Linda Simpson.

Mayor Milligan asked the Council to approve the following end of year bonuses for the Lake City Volunteer Fire Department. He said there are members of the fire department that have been long time dedicated members and/or have gone on to achieve employment with the Jonesboro Fire Department and still remain on the Lake City Volunteer Fire Department.

Council approved to give a one time service bonus to Chief Chris Snyder, $1,000; Donnie Hutcheson, $1,000; Ron Nunnally, $1,000; Karen Wicher, $1,000; Josh Barnes, $1,000; Hunter Timms $900.

Mayor Milligan also asked the Council to approve the following end of year bonuses for the First Responders of the Lake City Volunteer Fire Department. The fire chief recommends members each year for a bonus as they do not receive any reimbursement for a fire run. Council approved bonuses for Ron Nunnally, $250; Terry Fitzgerald, $125; Bryan Wells, Scott Hutton $125; Herb Davis Jr., $125; Cole Winford, $75.

Also receiving end of year bonuses in the amount of $350 were Fire Chief Snyder and Fire Secretary Wicker.

Council also approved 40 cent per hour across the board employee raises effective Jan. 1, as well as a $1,200 annual raise for Mayor Milligan and City Clerk/Treasurer Simpson.

The council voted unanimously to make Daniel Haynes Park Commissioner for the City of Lake City.

The council gave Mayor Milligan approval to accept bids for a metal building with a wood frame (24x76) on the old school property.

The next regular Lake City Council meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 22.

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