Riverside board discusses alternative instruction

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Riverside School Board met Monday, Dec. 4, for an abbreviated meeting to approve the monthly financial statement. Superintendent Jeff Priest also discussed AMI days or Alternative Method of Instruction with the board.

“The state would give up to 10 days of these AMI days and the majority of the schools applied for five and we got approved for five,” Priest said. “As far as inclement weather days, last year we missed a day because the electricity went out. The first five days we miss, we can do these AMI day. Let's say they miss tomorrow due to snow. They would be able to do the work through Google classroom and these packets and when we get back they would have two days to turn it in. And then we would not have to make up those days.”

Using these AMI days the school will be able to keep from staying later in the summer since every time an AMI day is used, it will make up for the missed day. The district currently only has five days, but they can apply for approval of five more if necessary.

“The hope is we won't have to be going to school in June,” Priest said.

According to Priest the students at the high school are already very familiar with Google classroom, so doing the work like this won’t be out of the ordinary for students. The younger students in elementary will do their “make-up” work in take home packets.

“We are definitely excited,” Priest said. “I had a county superintendents meeting and we are all excited because now ‘do we go to school or do we not go to school?’ is not near as tough a call to make.”

In other business the board approved to give the entirety of the Riverside staff a 1 percent raise.

“If approved it will cost the district $43,113.51,” Priest said.

Priest said he believes the raise is favorable to a “holiday” bonus as this would be a permanent increase in pay.

The board also accepted the resignation of David Cunningham. Cunningham was a math teacher at the high school.

Shannon Mcreary, a retired math teacher from Rector, is presently teaching math. She is expected to stay with the district until the end of the current academic year.

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