Manila council hears building plans

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Andrew Fleeman talks to Manila council about building plans.

Andrew Fleeman of Manila addressed the Manila City Council Monday, Nov. 27, about a variance for a building project on the corner of Walnut and Dixon Streets.

Fleeman said he has purchased a 50x90' lot and plans to build a home. With the building plans he has chosen, it will have about 10-1/2' on each side just short of the required 15'. Fleeman said a local builder had purchased the eight lots near his and he had talked to him about his building plans and received no objections.

Mayor Wayne Wagner explained the steps in the council's decision on granting variance requests. He said once plans are made known after being published in a newspaper, neighbors have time to make any comments, for or against. The council will consider the location and the plans and are usually ready to act on the request at the next regular council meeting.

Mayor Wagner asked Fleeman to show the code enforcement officer, Tracey Reinhart, the plans and meet with him on site to look at the setbacks, etc. If it meets the codes the officer will let city officials know.

The next regular city council meeting will be held at 5 p.m. Monday, Dec. 18.

Mayor Wagner also pointed out all proposed building projects in Manila need to be brought to the attention of the code enforcement officer. Plans should be brought to city hall or Reinhart before starting any new building or additions. A building permit is required. This is for the benefit of the city and the residents. He said too many times concrete slabs or buildings have been built over the water/sewer lines or on easements, etc.

“It may be a project that does not require a charge but there needs to be a record at city hall of who will be doing the plumbing, electrical work, or the building,” Mayor Wagner said. “Everyone has to have a building permit. We need to know the plans before a project is started.”

Reinhart suggested a policy be put in place so everyone knows the regulations and the consequences for ignoring clean up ordinances, or building codes.

Following an executive session, the council voted to hire Landon Crumpton as full time police officer as of Dec. 1. Crumpton will go to the police academy starting Jan. 15.

Council hired Tammy Walker as part-time animal control officer. She will work 20 hours a week.

The council voted to give full time employees a $1,000 end of year bonus. Bonus for the part-time workers will be determined according to their time and hours.

The council voted to buy back 10 unused vacation days from four police officers.

In other business:

*The council voted to allow city workers to take off the Friday before Christmas instead of Tuesday after Christmas.

*Mayor Wagner updated the council on the senior center building project. Easements have been obtained for the street to go on the north side of the nursing center and the south side of the apartments toward the airport center. The windows should be in by Dec. 5. There is still a possibility the building will be finished by Dec. 20.

*Mayor Wagner said FEMA is working on the sewer. The company from St. Louis who was using a process that relined the inside of the existing pipes discovered it was not working due to the condition of the lines. The sewer lines will have to be replaced which is a more expensive process. “We will go as far as the money will allow," Wagner said. There is a completion date of Feb. 6.

*Reinhart reported headway is being made in the code enforcement area. Notices have been served, a couple of old houses torn down, and old cars moved. “We have contacted people and we are making progress,” Reinhart said. Reinhart recently completed the state plumbing classes and received his license.

*Reinhart reported they been working on annexation plans. Reinhart and Walker are working on ownership of homes in the proposed area and visiting the residents. City attorney Wes Wagner is preparing the legal documents.

*The 2016 water/sewer audit came back as expected.

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