Caraway council welcome new officer

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Caraway Chief of Police Shannon Kelems (left) welcomes new patrolman Dylan Wilmoth. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Caraway Chief of Police Shannon Kelems introduced new patrolman, Dylan Wilmoth, to city council members at the Nov. 9 meeting.

“We are glad to have you here,” Mayor Barry Riley said.

City council members welcomed Wilmoth to the department. Wilmoth is from Bay and will be attending the police academy in January.

All council members, John Boatman, Mitchell Tipton, Bo James, Roger Williams, Marvin Browning and Jerry Martin, were present.

The council accepted the second reading by title only of Ordinance 2017-7 allowing the Caraway City Council to pass future ordinances and adding them later to the books as code.

“The Municipal League worked hard to get this all together,” Mayor Riley said.

Mayor Riley informed the council the street department workers were inadvertently omitted from the 2017 budget for Christmas bonuses.

Following a discussion, the council voted 5-0 (with councilman Tipton abstaining) to give all employees a $350 Christmas bonus.

Mayor Riley presented copies of the proposed 2018 budget. He said there are not many changes. The water income is down due to the four percent decrease in May and there is an extra amount for uniforms for the police department with new officers.

Mayor Riley asked the council to look over the proposed budget and suggest any changes before the budget is approved in January.

Mayor Riley read a proclamation for the March of Dimes proclaiming Nov. 17 Premature Awareness Day in Caraway. The month of November is the March of Dimes World Premature Awareness Month.

Councilman Browning asked about unsightly property on School Street. He was informed the resident had been served papers.

Councilman Williams asked if the trash pick-up workers could be asked to not leave trash cans on the streets.

“I've seen cars have to go around the empty cans,” he said. “I want to thank everyone for the help on the Fall Festival. We will start week after next collecting food and toys for Christmas baskets.”

Williams said he regrets he has had to miss a few meetings due to his health.

“If the council thinks I should resign, I will,” Williams said.

Several council members expressed their desire for Williams to continue on the council.

The Caraway Christmas parade will be held Dec. 9.

Mayor Riley announced the St. Bernard's sign will be placed back on the senior citizen building. He said the Masonic Lodge building officially belongs to the city. The insurance appraiser has viewed the buildings. He said there may be some buildings over insured and some under insured.

Councilman Tipton asked about a tree behind the lodge building. Mayor Riley said it will be taken down. He then asked about gates at the pond. He said when the city crew catches up with the work they have been doing, the gates will be put up.

One citizen asked if the fishing pond is closed and if the city has enough Christmas decorations.

The pond is not closed and Councilman Williams said the decorations have been checked out and some can be repaired.

After a discussion, the council agreed to pay $1,200 a year for an administrative position to maintain paperwork for the fire department.

Councilman James said no one wants to take on the responsibility of the paperwork.

“Scotty (Browning) has worked hard for the fire department and he was a good fire chief,” James said. “If he is willing to take the $100 a month and take on the administrative duties, I move the $1,200 be put into the 2018 budget and let him take care of it. Scotty has the time and he has the knowledge.”

Due to health, Browning had to resign from the fire department.

Serving as interim fire chief is Curtis Taylor.

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