Leachville Council appoints new member

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Leachville City Clerk Ruth Ann Keith administers the oath of office to Paul Wildy on Wednesday afternoon. Leachville City Council selected Wildy at the Oct. 16 council meeting to fill the vacant council position of Rodney Robertson who was recently elected mayor. Mayor Robertson is pictured at the ceremony. Councilman Wildy expressed his appreciation to the council for the opportunity to serve the citizens of Leachville. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Recently Leachville has seen the election of new mayor, Rodney Robertson. However, with Robertson’s election came a vacancy on the city council. This month at the recent city council meeting the council filled the vacancy via appointment. The council appointed Paul Wildy as the newest city council member.

“I want to thank the council for electing me to fill the position that Rodney vacated and like my letter said, I’m looking forward to it," Wildy said. "I want to work with the council and just make Leachville a better place to live."

In other business the council voted to raise the pay of part-time police department employees Sheri Gibson and Brad Hitchcock to $12 per hour starting with the next pay period.

Drake Brown of the Leachville Fire Department mentioned the fire department has $1,200 budgeted for building maintenance and has so far spent $11.43. Brown said the downtown fire department needs new lighting. He presented the council with a quote of $974.52 for 10 light fixtures.

The fire department had $5,342 budgeted for equipment purchases and they have spent $466.44. Brown said the tanker truck recently purchased by the fire department does not have a pump on it, so the fire department has to put a dump valve on the truck.

“The best way to do it is like everybody else does, especially in rural areas. The dump tank, a lot of people call it a swimming pool, is a 3,500-gallon portable water tank. I found one online for $1,238. We’re going to have to have that,” Brown said.

The council approved the purchase for both lighting in the station and the purchase of the dump tank.

The Christmas Parade will be Nov. 27, which is the first Monday after Thanksgiving. The parade will start at 6 p.m. and line up will begin at 5 p.m. First place in the parade will receive $125, second place will get $75 and third place will get $50. Ribbons will be given in all divisions to first, second and third place. Santa Claus will be present at the Melody Theatre if its remodeling is complete.

Mayor Robertson made a statement about some of the items he has been tackling as mayor.

“I’m meeting with all the city department heads every Monday morning. We’ve cleaned some property up around LIDC. We’ve started cleaning culverts and ditches out, the city boys have been working hard. We went to Little Rock and received a $15,000 matching grant. I want to thank Ruth Ann Keith, Rebecca Clowers and Lisa Baldridge for working on this grant and whoever else worked on it,” Robertson said.

The matching grant is for playground equipment at the city park. Robertson also mentioned he had heard several rumors that Dr. Brian Baltz will be leaving Leachville. Robertson said he had met with Eric Watson to discuss this issue.

“They’re fixing to start doing some renovations over there," Mayor Robertson said. "He’s going to be here usually two days a week and it could go down to one day a week and the nurse practitioner be here. As of right now they are going to continue."

Mayor Robertson also mentioned the city would be getting more serious on enforcing clean up ordinances. He said the police department would enforce the ordinances.

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