Manila Council hires new code enforcement officer

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Manila City Council hired hired a new code enforcement officer and gave raises to several employees at a special called meeting Monday, Oct. 2.

All council members, Dale Murphy, Donnie Wagner, Steven Milligan, Wendell Poteet, William Barnhart and Jason Baltimore, were present.

Mayor Wayne Wagner recommended hiring Tracy Reinhart as code enforcement officer, fire chief, and other assignments by the mayor. Mayor Wagner said Reinhart will attend plumbing and electrical classes for the code enforcement position.

The council voted unanimously to hire Reinhart effective Oct. 16.

Mayor Wagner also recommended giving a 50 cent an hour raise to Don Skaggs, Michael Skaggs, Joe Chipman, Kenny Tune and Michael Key.

Mayor Wagner said they would discuss more positions at the next meeting.

The regular October meeting will be held Oct. 23 at city hall.

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