Lake City Council approves ordinance

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Lake City Council voted unanimously to approve an ordinance on the third reading regarding the raising of chickens during the Monday, Sept. 18, meeting. The number of chickens are limited and restrictions do apply for anyone raising chickens in the city limits.

The ordinance permits the raising and ownership of certain chickens under restrictions including no more than five chicken hens after receiving a permit from the City of Lake City. There is also guidelines on the pens and maintenance. Fowl may not be keot, raised, bred, bought, sold or traded for commercial purposes. In Section 2 of the ordinance, all ordinances pertaining to rabbits are revoked.

Mayor Jon Milligan informed the council he had met with Rhonda Wright Bruce regarding property located at 510 Court Street. Mrs. Bruce told the mayor the original deed to the property was destroyed in the fire of the property. Brenda Milligan did a Quitclaim deed for Mrs. Bruce to deed property to the City of Lake City.

Mayor Milligan explained he met with Arlon Woodruff, city attorney, and that it would be less costly for the city to do a title search on the property than to condemn it. Either way the city will still have the cost of cleaning up the property.

Councilmember Danny Dunigan asked if the city would still be obligated to put a park on the property. Mayor Milligan replied maybe at a later date the city might add a bench and a few bushes.

The council voted unanimously to allow Woodruff to do a title search on the property.

City Clerk Linda Simpson read a resolution for a Municipal Lease Purchase Agreement for a mini track hoe from Heartland Equipment. Financing will be through Bank of the West for 36 months, with monthly payments of $1,245.44. At the end of the term there will be a final purchase option of $1. The council voted 5-1 in favor. Council member Mike George abstained from voting because he is an employee of Heartland Equipment.

Planning and Zoning Committee met on Sept. 5. Committee recommended a letter be sent to April Spencer about property located on 121 Stone St. and 123 Stone St. both in Lake City. The council voted to send a certified letter requesting the owner to appear at the next council meeting to discuss the condition of the properties and hear what her intentions are.

Planning and Zoning Committee also recommended amending the planning and zoning Ordinance 197-03 Section 5 Article 5-1 A.9 (agriculture) to include dog kennels. After some discussion it was decided more information was needed before proceeding. The council voted to table the recommendation (5-1). Councilman Harold Barker obstained. He serves as chairman of the Planning and Zoning Committee.

The council agreed to allow Mayor Milligan to obtain bids for paving (22'x920') on Ridge Road.

The council unanimously accepted the 2016-2017 water/sewer audit.

The next meeting will be held Oct. 30.

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