Manila hosts Cross Country Meet

Tuesday, September 5, 2017
The first Cross Country Meet held in Manila was dedicated to Tim Bassing. Mr. Bassing started the first Cross Country team in 2010.

Manila Cross Country team hosted their first meet in Manila on Tuesday evening, Aug. 29, with 240 runners from 12 schools.

Manila coaches Mary Smith and Amy Pryor expressed their appreciation to all of the schools, runners, volunteers, sponsors, fans, and Big Lake Country Club.

The course was set around Big Lake Country Club with the finish line in front of the club house.

Manila Cross Country Coaches Mary Smith and Amy Pryor smile as they show off the team plaques won by the Manila teams.

State troopers, Leachville police officers and EMTs were on hand distributing water and encouraging the young runners.

Thrilla in Manila, 2017 Cross Country Meet was dedicated to Tim Bassing, former Manila Cross Country coach who was instrumental in getting Cross Country started in Manila in 2010. The program started with 10 or 12 students. He was proud to be able to be part of the first cross country meet held in Manila.

Bassing had the privilege of starting each race and encouraged the runners as they lined up.

Manila junior high girls team win first place.

He was presented a plaque in recognition of his dedicated efforts to start the program.

Bassing said it made him proud to see all of the young people participating.

“They are all winners,” he said.

Manila junior high boys team won first place with five in the top 10.

Schools participating included Manila, Riverside, Valley View, Hoxie, CRA, Greene County Tech, Marion, Crowley's Ridge, West Memphis, Piggott, Harrisburg and Gosnell.

Team winners were:

Junior High Boys: CRA, runner-up; Manila, 1st place.

Manila Senior High Cross Country team take runner-up in the Thrilla at Manila event.

Junior High Girls: GCT, runner-up; Manila, 1st place.

Senior High Boys: Manila, runner-up; Marion, 1st place.

Senior High Girls: Marion, runner-up; Valley View, 1st place.

Riverside senior high girls Cross Country Team. It is their first year for a team and their first meet.

Manila junior high boys had five of the first 10 finishers.

Top 10:

Junior High Boys:

Riverside senior high boys Cross Country Team.

1. Connor Jackson, Manila 8:41.

2. Jake Baltimore, Manila, 9:05.

3. Austin Harmon, Manila, 9:26

Riverside junior high girls team. Carolina Hoffman took seventh place finish.

4. Will Lane, CRA, 9:33.

5. Jett Becerra, CRA, 9:50.

6. Braden Mattingly, Manila, 9:56.

7. Hayden Oholendt, Valley View: 10.04.

8. Jake Tillery, CRA, 10:10.

9. Brit Hawkins, Valley View, 10:10.

10. Conner Milligan, Manila, 10:15.

Junior High Girls:

1. Sophey Pope, Valley View, 10:49.

2. Hadley Rose Grisham, Valley View, 10.50.

3. Acey Fahr, GCT, 10.57.

4. Anna Bobbitt, GCT, 11.00.

5. Sadie McDonald, Manila 11:18.

6. Madison Hitchcock, Manila, 11:31.

7. Carolina Hoffman, Riverside, 11:37.

8. Anna Beth Baugher, Manila, 11:48.

9. Olivia May, Manila, 12:05.

10. Anna Lafereny, Valley View, 12:20.

Sr. Girls Division:

1. Kaylee Gober, Valley View, 24:00.

2. Allie Thomas, GCT, 24:06.

3. Tracy Tanner, Valley View, 24:23.

4. Rebekah Wilson, Valley View, 24:25.

5. Madden Rogers, Valley View, 24:28.

6. Tiffany Harris, Marion, 24:39.

7. Shelby Adams, GCT, 24:43.

8. Macey Manchester, Valley View, 24:56.

9. Elizabeth Cohn, Marion, 25:05.

10. Haven Robertson, Riverside, 25:10.

Sr. Boys Division:

1. Cruz Hill, GCT, 20:14.

2. Brian Gonzales, Manila, 20:22.

3. Avery Aquino, Valley View, 20:33.

4. Jacob Austin, Valley View, 20.57.

5. Jon Carter, GCT, 20:57.

6. Conner Belew, Manila, 21:00.

7. Quincy Robinson, Marion, 21:03.

8. Ripp Inman, Marion, 21.03.

9. Kurlee Rucker, West Memphis, 21.06.

10. Bradey Woodall, Manila, 21:33.

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