Council gives extension on property condemnation

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Lake City Mayor Jon Milligan gave the city council an update regarding property at 510 Court Street at the regular Aug. 21 meeting.

Mayor Milligan said Michael Wright gave him a quitclaim deed from Charlene Effinger to Rhonda Bruce and left prior to the council meeting. Per the agreement from last month’s meeting Mr. Wright was to have brought a deed to the City of Lake City if the property had not been sold or the city would start condemnation proceedings.

During the meeting Mayor Milligan received a text message from Rhonda Wright Bruce stating she had a buyer for the property and would be in Lake City Thursday, Aug. 24. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided if Mrs. Bruce did not have a buyer by Friday, Aug. 25, at 5 p.m. which would include all complete and final paperwork, the City of Lake City would start condemnation proceedings on the property located at 510 Court Street.

Council members present included Tommy Eakins, Harold Barker, Brenda Hutcheson, Mike George, Toby Rand and Danny Dunigan.

City Clerk Linda Simpson read Ordinance 2017-192 to permit raising chickens, by limiting the number and for other restrictions in the city limits, on the second reading. The council approved the second reading unanimously.

Mayor Milligan opened sealed bids for a mini track hoe. Heartland (Case) had a bid for a 37 HP $42,300; Hugg & Hall (Bobcat) had a bid for a 42 HP $44,065.84. Both were compatible in comparison to each other. Councilmember George asked to excuse himself from any discussion or voting as he is an employee of Heartland.

A motion made by Councilmember Dunigan passed 5-1 to purchase the Case 37 HP mini track hoe from Heartland for $42,300.

After a brief discussion it was approved to finance the Case 37 HP mini track hoe through financing available with Heartland for 36 months with payments of $1,261.09 each. Payments will be split equally between the Water, Sewer and Street Departments. Total monthly payment for each department will be $420.36.

Following a short executive session, the council voted to hire Edgar Daniels as full time sanitation/general laborer at a starting salary of $10.50 an hour, with a probationary period of 90 days. Thereafter, salary will increase to $11 per hour.

Mayor Milligan discussed two other employee changes. He asked the council to approve a transfer of Larry Stice to the water/sewer department with an increase of $1.20 per hour in his salary, which would bring his salary to $14 per hour. He also asked for the approval of Bryan Wells, sanitary/general laborer, transfer to the sanitation driver/supervisor position, with an increase of $1.40 per hour, bringing his salary per hour to $12.80.

The council approved the transfer and salary increase of Stice. He will no longer be eligible for the AD&D insurance until he achieves department head status.

The council also approved the transfer and salary increase of Wells. Wells will be eligible for AD&D insurance in 2018.

The council accepted the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning committee to re-zone Cobb Family Partnership from Agriculture to Commercial-1 along Highway 18 and from Agriculture to Residential-1 which would include Rebel Drive property as shown on plat.

In other business the council:

*voted to approve Tyler Bounds as a volunteer for the Lake City Fire Department.

*agreed to sell two police cars to Gov. Deals, a 2008 Ford and a 2009 Dodge.

*approved purchase of Riverside School property, purchased for the water tank project, for $20,000. USDA will reimburse the proceeds of the purchase of the property to City with an invoice from Riverside.

The next regular meeting will be held Monday, Sept. 18.

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