BIC talks construction and new hires

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Buffalo Island Central School Board had building materials presented to them, discussed the new lunch program and accepted a few new hires at the monthly meeting held Aug. 24.

Britteny Mortin, architect, presented the board with full color digital renderings of the new buildings. Junior and senior high school will be located on the Monette campus, and the new elementary will be located on the Leachville campus. She also provided some samples of the bricks for a more accurate gauge of what the buildings would look like.

As far as who kind of worked on this, we had all the principals in here, and well I dont mind saying it, Nicole and Kima are the driving force, but they put forth something we all liked, said Gaylon Taylor, superintendent.

The buildings at both sites are both relatively on schedule, with Leachville being about a month ahead of Monette.

We really thought Leachville would be probably a month behind, but Im going to go out and say Leachville is going to finish before Monette, Taylor said.

Taylor read a daily average of students who ate in the lunch program last year versus this year. The numbers at the elementary levels, while increased, is not a dramatic increase. West elementary had 102 students eating breakfast last year versus 110 now and 148 eating lunch versus 153. East elementary had 59 eating breakfast with 69 now and 81 eating lunch versus 97 now.

The biggest changes have been in the junior high and high school. The junior high last year had a daily average of seven students eating breakfast. That number is now up to 45. Lunch has had an increase as well with an average of 76 students last year with 121 this year.

High school breakfast has increased from six students a day to 21. Lunch has increased from 47 students a day to 130.

The board accepted the resignation for the elementary boys basketball coach and hired Trevor Metheny for $2500. They then accepted the hire of Jarod Fires on a 250 day contract. They then accepted a change to the contract of Freddy Clifton to be moved to three days a week.

The board accepted the changes made to the elementary handbooks.

The board also discussed problems with the construction of the new building and parking at the school. They discussed the possibility of providing shuttle transport for those who had to park away from the MAC during ball games. They also said any of the disabled parking spots that have become unusable because of construction would be replaced on the other side. The board is still looking for solutions for mass events where more parking will be required.

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