Caraway Council condemns property

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Caraway City Council took steps to condemn property located at 410 West State Street during the regular meeting held Thursday. Mayor Barry Riley read a resolution listing the condition (including hole in the roof, windows broken, doors opened, rubbish all over the floor, ceiling collapsed). Mayor Riley said it is uninhabitable and dangerous.

Mayor Riley was asked if the owner had been made aware of the condemnation plans and he said she has been notified.

Riley said the city will have the building removed and put a lien on the property. The owner has 90 days to reimburse the city for the cost or the city will have ownership of the property.

The council voted unanimously in favor of the resolution.

Council members present were John Boatman, Bo James, Mitchell Tipton, Roger Williams and Marvin Browning. Jerry Martin was absent.

Mayor Riley presented paving bids for Tennessee Street. The council voted unanimously to accept the low bid of $17,500 from Atlas. The paving will be paid out of the street fund.

A discussion was held on repairing the floor at the senior citizen building which is owned by the city.

Mayor Riley said there are two sets of flooring and it will all have to be removed.

“I had Dennis Neal look at it and he gave an estimate of $12,000 to remove the tile, sand the floor, and put a nice finish the concrete,” Mayor Riley said.

The floor will be paid from the one cent sales tax fund.

Councilman James asked Mayor Riley to check to see if a texture could be put on the finish.

Mayor Riley said it will take about a week for the work to be done and another location for the senior citizens to meet will be found.

All of the council voted in favor of repairing the floor. Councilman James asked Mayor Riley to ask if St. Bernards would be willing to help some on the project.

In other business:

*“My hats off to the city workers for the sidewalk work they are doing,” Mayor Riley said. “It really looks good.”

*A citizen asked about a house on Tennessee Street. Chief of Police Pete Hicks said the owner said it will be torn down.

*Mayor Riley said the administrators of the Masonic Lodge will be bringing the deed to the city. The Caraway Lodge will be joining with the Monette Lodge with plans to give the Caraway building to the city.

*Another citizen present asked about clean up of the old Browning Heating Air building, which has fallen down. He said he has been asking about it for three years.

*Mayor Riley informed the council the city is one of nine cities named in a lawsuit brought by the Justice League Network, a probation service. “That is all I am going to say about it now,” Riley said. “I hate it we had to spend $3,000.”

*Mitchell said he had talked to the superintendent of schools and the flashing lights will be in place by the first day of school.

*Williams informed the council plans are underway for the annual Harvest Festival.

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