BIC School Board discusses sports season accommodations

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Buffalo Island School board held an abbreviated meeting to discuss a few agenda topics during the regular meeting Thursday evening.

Superintendent Gaylon Taylor informed the board about the upcoming issues that will stem from the current school construction with Nabholtz Construction.

Its going to get messy out here when the construction crew starts laying the sewer line and there wont be any access through that area, so the buses will have to take the front entrance of the school and come down the one-way street in order to get back here by the gymnasium, Taylor said.

Taylor also discussed the necessary accommodations that will need to take place during the upcoming sports season.

Were going to have figure out a way to get people to the gymnasium as well as the field. With there being no access in that area, there will be no parking, Taylor added. So, people will have to park a great distance away just to attend these functions.

Taylor then proposed the board consider purchasing three used golf carts to transfer sports goers to and from the gymnasium and field.

Ive been speaking with someone in Trumann, and he is willing to sell us three used golf carts for $4,500 a piece. Its just an option, Taylor said. We probably cant accommodate everyone but at least we could transfer the elderly to and from the facility. Anything is worth a try to make things easier during those times.

Several board members chimed in with ideas of possibly using the drivers education bus or even a shuttle bus when the weather gets cooler, but no decision was made. Ultimately, Taylor asked the board to think on the idea and come up with additional ideas to brainstorm during upcoming board meetings.

I want you guys to think on this so we can come up with something. Although its not baseball or basketball season yet, we all know those months will fly by and the seasons will be here before we know it.

In other business

*Motion was made to sell old cafeteria tables at $75 apiece. The board voted unanimously.

*The board accepted the resignation of special education aid, Renee Parker.

*Motion was made to designate Deanna Clifton as the designated person for the issuance of compliance policies.

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