Double groundbreaking ceremonies for BIC

Tuesday, July 11, 2017
A ground breaking ceremony for the new BIC junior/senior high school was held Monday morning. Pictured are, from left: Justin Shrable, with Nabholz Construction; Monette Mayor Jerry “Chub” Qualls; Nathan Sanders, board member; Mark Hurst, junior high principal; Nicole Stewart, East elementary principal; Randy Rose, high school pricipal; BIC Superintendent Gaylon Taylor; Kima Stewart, West elementary principal; Scott Colbert, board member; Todd Edwards, board member; Jason Stewart, board member; Hardy Little, architect; Brittany Martin, Little Architect project manager; Adam Seiter, Nabholz Construction; and John Shelton, Nabholz superintendent. (Town Crier photos/Revis Blaylock)

Buffalo Island Central School District held a double groundbreaking ceremony Monday, July 10. The first groundbreaking was held for the junior/senior high facility on the Monette campus and the second ceremony for the elementary (kindergarten through sixth grade) on the Leachville campus.

Superintendent Gaylon Taylor welcomed everyone.

“It has been a long, long time coming,” Taylor said. “I've worked on it for the four years I've been here and I know the board has worked on it longer.”

A second groundbreaking ceremony was held Monday morning at the BIC campus in Leachville for the new elementary building. Pictured are, from left: Adam Seiter, Nabholz Construction; John Mixon, Cromwell Architects; Monette Mayor Jerry “Chub” Qualls; Hardy Little, architect; Mark Hurst, junior high principal; Randy Rose, high school principal; Kima Stewart, West elementary principal; Nicole Stewart, East elementary principal; BIC Superintendent Gaylon Taylor; Jason Stewart, board member; Scott Colbert, board member; Todd Edwards, board member; Nathan Sanders, board member; Paul Wildy, former board member; Justin Shrable with Nabholz Construction; Jo Ann Boyd and Raye Finley, retired BIC teachers.

Taylor commended the board, the architects (Little Associates and Cromwell Associates), Nabholtz Construction, and the community for making it happen.

“I think the plans have been redrawn four times,” Taylor said. “Every time the architects have been gracious and helped the district. I think the delays have helped the district in regard to the budget.”

Taylor said for the first time in 35 years BIC will not be Leachville or Monette, it will be BIC.

BIC Superintendent Gaylon Taylor welcomed Hardy Little, architect, and other guests at the groundbreaking ceremony. Also pictured is Adam Seiter with Nabholz Construction.

The new junior/senior high school will be a 65,000 square foot building and will be built around the MAC.

The new elementary building will be a 60,000 square foot building located next to the present junior high building.

Mark Hurst, junior high principal, said it is a great day for BIC.

“I am very excited,” Hurst said. “We have waited a long time for this. I am excited for what the future holds for our students and our district. I want to express my appreciation to all who had a part in this. Our community does well for our kids.”

Paul Wildy who was on the board when Leachville and Monette came together to form BIC, said he is proud to see the building actually happening.

“Citizens from Leachville and Monette will be glad to see the activity and see it is going to happen,” Wildy said. “I am happy for the BIC students who will benefit from it.”

Board member Nathan Sanders also expressed his appreciation for all of the hard work.

“The kids are going to win on this,” Sanders said.

Raye Finley and JoAnn Boyd, retired BIC teachers, were on hand for the ceremonies. They both said they are thankful for the new buildings for the teachers and students.

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