BIC School Board receives update from Nabholz Construction

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Because the school board did not have enough members present to vote during its regularly scheduled meeting Thursday evening, June 29, a special meeting was held Wednesday night to discuss a few agenda topics; primarily an update from Nabholz Construction.

Adam Seiter, senior project manager at Nabholz Construction, presented the board with a brief update regarding the construction of the new elementary school project at the Leachville campus during last week’s meeting.

“I just wanted to present you guys with some numbers for the construction project going on at the Leachville campus,” Seiter said. “Nabholz Construction’s Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the new elementary school project at the Leachville campus is estimated to come in with a budget of $7,793,408.”

Based on drawings from Little and Associates/Cromwell Architects on April 25, 2017, an addendum was then added to the proposal on June 1, 2017, and the bids were then received on June 8, 2017. “Upon approval of this GMP, an amendment to our existing contract will be forwarded to you guys accordingly,” Seiter added. “A summary sheet with price breakdowns is included for you all to see and if this proposal is approved, we can continue moving forward with the construction project with a substantial completion date scheduled for Oct. 23, 2018, for the elementary school at the Leachville campus.”

Superintendent Gaylon Taylor added, “We’re coming in about $50,000-$60,000 under budget and this will be a brand new facility so that isn’t bad at all. We’ve finally narrowed everything down and we can now go forward if everyone approves this price of $7,793,408 from Nabholz Construction.”

A motion was made and the board unanimously approved the motion to go forward with the proposal from Nabholz Construction.

Also discussed was the hiring of Dan Qualls for the opening position of special education teacher at the elementary campus and Karalee Johnson for the opening position of special education teacher at junior high.

“I recommend we honor these recommendations from Dr. Stewart and Mr. Hurst to employ these candidates for the upcoming school year,” Taylor said.

Regarding the financial report for the month of May, Taylor was able to provide an update for the board.

“This financial report is actually based from the month of May because we actually stay a month behind. After looking at the projected finances for the month of June, it looks like we will be able to transfer roughly $400,000 into the building fund,” Taylor said. “Part of this is because of under budgeting revenue and things like that...and with the $297,000 in the facility fund this will enable us to have roughly $700,000 to utilize in furnishing our buildings with new desks for the students and faculty and anything else that we may need to purchase for our schools.”

In other business:

*The board agreed to appoint Coach John Rountree as assistant junior high boys coach for four days a week with a stipend of $1,250-$1,500. This is a temporary solution until the board is able to hire another person. The motion was approved 6-0. Coach Rountree will continue to serve in his same capacity as junior high girls and assistant senior high girls coach.

*Superintendent Taylor would also like for the community of Monette to know there will be a groundbreaking ceremony to take place at 10 a.m. Monday, July 10, in front of the gymnasium on the high school campus and they will then proceed to the Leachville campus.

*Another board meeting is set for July 27.

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