Leachville City Council passes resolution for mayoral election

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Leachville City Attorney Gina Knight (left) and interim Mayor Lisa Baldridge look over information.

Leachville City Council members made final plans for the upcoming mayoral election at a special called meeting Tuesday, June 13.

Clerk Ruth Ann Keith told the council she had been informed by the county clerk Resolution 2017-4 which was passed declaring a vacancy in the mayor's position was not correct.

The council voted unanimously to pass Resolution 2017-5 and to rescind Resolution 2017-4 previously approved.

Mayor Ralph Wells passed away in May. Councilwoman Lisa Baldridge had been selected to serve as mayor until an election can be held.

A special election will be held the third Tuesday of September. Petitions for the mayor's position will be available at city Hall.

Filing begins July 5 and the deadline is noon July 11.

If a run-off election is needed, it will be held Oct. 10.

The council discussed problems with the sanitation truck.

Keith informed the council the city has been having trouble with the truck. She said she received a contract for a rental truck and had turned it over to city attorney, Gina Knight.

“It is a brand new truck and we should be getting better service out of it,” Baldridge said.

Councilman Rodney Robertson commended the city workers for all of their work and getting the job done in spite of the problems.

The third item on the agenda for the special meeting was overtime pay turned in by former police officer Zakk Crocker.

A motion to go into executive session did not pass and the council discussed the overtime request.

After a long discussion, Baldridge talked about regulations for overtime. She said if there are less than five employees there is an exemption for overtime pay.

“I have a problem with the handwritten hours being different than the ones turned in. Some are signed off by the mayor," Baldridge said.

Crocker addressed the council saying he had daily logs for the hours.

“I'm not asking for anything I haven't worked for,” Crocker said. “I want to walk away with what I work for. That is all I want.”

City Attorney Knight said she was under the impression it was for just a couple of weeks.

The request for overtime hours goes back to January. Also Crocker said he had not received 3-1/2 hours a week required for serving as K9 handler.

Keith said she would have to pull out the time sheets for all of the officers from week to week to see how many officers were working.

Keith said she could do it but it would take time. She said Rebecca (Rebecca Clowers, water clerk) would help.

“I am on salary so I would not receive overtime for the work, but Rebecca is hourly so if she works over she will get overtime,” Keith said.

Keith said they can do it, she has the information, but it will just take time.

Baldridge said she has to call the labor board the next day.

“They contacted me with the complaint and I told their representative I would let them know what the city council decided to do after the meeting tonight,” she said.

Councilman Keith Evans made a motion to table the request until it can be reviewed. He said it is not a refusal to pay.

“We just need more time to make a determination and compare records,” Councilman Evans said.

The city attorney said she is not comfortable just paying what Crocker says.

She asked Crocker why he waited so long to say anything to the council.

He said he was told by a council member he could not bring it up.

The next regular city council meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 19.

Mississippi County Deputy Chuck Brown reported to the council Reno, the city's K-9, had been partnered with his handler. The city had voted to donate Reno to the Mississippi County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Dale Cook had said the dog would be available to Leachville as well as other towns in Mississippi County when needed.

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