Manila Council moving forward on senior facility

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Manila City Council met for a special called meeting with Mayor Wayne Wagner informing the council the city now has the deed for the property to build a new senior center.

City officials discovered a portion of the proposed site for the new senior center, located next to the airport center, did not belong to the city. It belonged to the owners of the Manila Nursing Center.

The council voted last month to purchase the 75'x400' lot appraised at $5,000, rather than starting over with a new location. Wagner said construction of the center can now move forward.

Mayor Wagner also informed the council the highway department will start paving streets that will be dedicated to the city following the completion of the new four-lane highway. This will include Highway 18 at Sonic to Highway 18 where the new highway will connect, Baltimore Street through Beauchamp Corner to Highway 18 in front of Towell's Auto.

The city plans to pave several streets including the new Walton subdivision, the street where Woody Nunnally is building, a short area to the transfer station, and a short street near the First Pentecostal Church. Additional plans to fill potholes and repair streets will be considered if the funding is available.

The next regular city council meeting will be held Monday, June 26.

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