Manila Police Department receives award

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Manila Chief of Police James Skinner is presented with an ESGR Patriotic Award. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Manila Chief of Police James Skinner addressed the city council at the May 29 meeting commending his department. Chief Skinner said Sgt. James Littlefield was attending drills and when he was questioned about being off, he informed instructors he had no problems getting off and other officers stepped up to fill in for him.

Sgt. Littlefield nominated Chief Skinner for the ESTR Patriotic Award, an award for employer support of Guard and Reserve.

“We received a visit from Dr. Fowler and presented the ESTR Patriotic Award,” Chief Skinner said. “We have a close knit police department and they work together.”

Mayor Wayne Wagner expressed his appreciation to all of the officers for the job they do.

Linda Donovan, chair for the senior citizen building project, updated the council.

In the surveying of the property for the building, it was discovered part of the area did not belong to the city but to the corporation that owns Manila Nursing Center.

“They have agreed to sell us 75'x400' lot between the two buildings,” Mayor Wagner said. “The property has been appraised for $5,000.”

Donovan said the committee would like for the city to go ahead and purchase the property rather than having to move the site and start over.

There is a time frame involved with the grant funding. The bid process is complete and the city is within 10 days of having a pre-construction meeting.

Following a discussion it was decided it would cost as much or more to have the location moved which would cause changes in the design.

The council voted unanimously (5-0) to purchase the property and move forward with the project.

Council members present were Donnie Wagner, Steve Milligan, William Barnhart, Donnie Wagner and Jason Baltimore. Dale Murphy was absent.

“Thank you all for your support of a new senior center,” Donavan said.

Mayor Wagner discussed any annexation plans for the city will need to be completed within a year to get counted on the next census.

“If you know of anyone in the area who would like to be annexed into the city, have them call city hall and we will discuss it with them,” Mayor Wagner said.

Baltimore said he knew of a few homeowners who are interested in being annexed into the city limits.

“It is important we get the word out,” Mayor Wagner said.

Mayor Wagner reported plans to put a drainage pipe in the Tipton Subdivision area which should help with drainage. He said the city will purchase the material and the highway department contractors will install it.

The council voted to hire Whitney Shepard, site manager at the senior citizen center, two hours a day at $8.50 an hour to work for the city to help clean where she is needed.

Mayor Wagner said he had received word that FEMA would approve 80 percent of some of the sewer work.

“We have to pay for the work, even if we have to borrow the funds, and then the city will be reimbursed for up to 80 percent,” Mayor Wagner said.

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