BIC School Board discusses possible new volleyball team

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Buffalo Island Central School Board discussed several agendas at the regularly scheduled meeting Thursday evening ranging from a possible new volleyball team, school construction, to the purchase of a new school bus.

Scott Petznick addressed the board about the possibility of starting volleyball as an AAA sanctioned event.

“When I came here three years ago, I had so many parents and girls that would like to see volleyball start at our school…they really want to play, Petznick said. “With Title 9, I think volleyball will equalize our sports here at BIC because we’re losing students to other schools that already have volleyball teams established.”

Petznick also presented information from his past experience as well as the experience that students have had with Junior Olympics thus far.

“I held a six week course last year and three camps this summer,” Petznick stated. “I also started a Junior Olympic Volleyball Program with one team as well as another six week course this spring…I allowed fourth grade to high school girls to participate in the summer camps.”

When Superintendent Gaylon Taylor asked about the number of girls that participated, Petznick said, “We had about 60 girls for our first camp and 30 for the rest of them. We also had about 50 girls to participate in the Junior Olympic Camp.”

Petznick also expressed the importance of providing the new sport to the BIC school district.

“I think it would be important to provide this sport for our school district because this is a business. We have to provide different sports for the children to play so that people will consider moving here,” Petznick said. “Because if we don’t we’re going to lose those kids…it’s just that simple.”

The board took no action at the meeting because they want to continue to evaluate the pros and cons before making any decisions.

In other business:

Superintendent Taylor informed the board members that construction bids for the Monette project were opened at 2 p.m. Thursday, May 19, and the district had good competitive bids. Nabholz will be verifying all lows bids and meet with the superintendent on Wednesday, May 24. The bid opening for the Leachville project is still planned for June 8.

Motion was passed to enter into a contract suspended expulsion, for up to one semester, for two junior high students. The students will attend class at SUCCESS during this time.

Karen Herrell was hired as elementary counselor on a 210- day contract.

Johnny Boatman was hired as interrupter for the East Campus, pending all certifications are met.

A new 2018, 83-passenger Blue Bird bus with two installed cameras will be purchased from Central States Bus Sales at a price of $111,240.00.

The new salary stipend schedule for 2017-2018 was accepted.

A long-term contract was entered with Whisper ISP Inc., after the school attorney has given approval. The contract will pay the district a sum of $15,000 minus upfront fees and $1,000 each month for 30 years.

Council approved a stipend of $3,000 to Brandon Jones for his services as E-rate coordinator. Jones has been performing the job for the past three years with no pay.

The VI B budget of $186, 713.46 was approved for the 2017-2018 school year.

Council adopted a resolution from Crowley’s Ridge Co-op to seek a waiver from the State Department of Education.

Council approved transfering any ending balance at the end of June 30, 2017 of more $1,000,000 to the building funding for construction, improvements, equipment and supplies.

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