Leachville Council moves forward with Melody renovations

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Jerry Stanfill with All Clean met with Leachville City Council members to discuss cleaning and renovations to the Melody Theater. Also pictured are City Clerk Ruth Ann Keith and Mayor Ralph Wells.
(Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Leachville City Council made the decision to move forward with renovations to the Melody Theater at a special called meeting Tuesday, May 2.

The Melody Theater received fire/smoke damage in early March. The stage area was damaged by fire with the remainder of the building receiving extensive smoke damage.

Mayor Ralph Wells and the council had decided to accept the bid from All Clean for restorations.

Ruth Ann Keith, city clerk, said the city had received the insurance payment.

Jerry Stanfill with All Clean met with the council Tuesday evening to discuss the renovations.

Stanfill said one chair was taken to see if it could be cleaned.

“It cleaned up okay but we could not get the smoke smell out,” he said.

The estimate for renovations is $297,000 which includes everything but stage lighting, curtains.

Stanfill said if the roof needs repair or if the units will run or not could be an issue.

Roof contractors will look at the roof to see if it is in need of repair.

The council discussed several options, curtains, time frame, payments, lighting, seating, etc.

Stanfill estimated the work to take four and a half months.

He said they could possibly start clean up on Monday if they can get dumpsters in place.

Council member Rodney Robertson asked about LED lighting and if the company would add new curtains for the stage.

Stanfill said he would go up to $1,500 on the curtain.

Mayor Wells asked if he ran into issues who would make the decisions.

“I'll show it to you before I sell it to you,” Stanfill said.

Stanfill will order a seat for the council to look at and approve before ordering all of the seats.

“I don't make the decision colors,” he said. “I will make a list of color options for you to make the choices.”

He also said Tyler Schroder will oversee the project in Leachville.

The council voted for All Clean to begin cleaning and decided to make Mayor Wells chair of the committee, made up of theater committee members, to make the decisions on the colors, etc.

Council member Keith Evans said he would like to have an update from the committee each month.

The next regular council meeting has been moved from the third Monday of May to the fourth Monday, May 22, at 7 p.m.

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