BIC West enjoys visit from Justin Logan with KAIT

Monday, April 24, 2017
BIC West Second grade students with Justin Logan with KAIT weather
Photo provided

The second graders at Buffalo Island Central West Elementary enjoyed a visit from Justin Logan with KAIT-8 weather.

He taught the students about hail, sleet, snow and thunderstorms. Mr. Justin did many experiments. One of the favorite experiments was when he made a tornado inside a bottle. Another favorite experiment was when he placed rubbing alcohol in a 2-liter bottle and pumped it full of air. When he released the pressure from the bottle, it produced clouds inside the bottle.

One thing the classes learned was that warm and cold air coming together will make tornadoes.

Students also saw the Storm Tracker.

When the students returned to their rooms, they all made him a thank you note with a picture showing their favorite part of his presentation.

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