Manila council seals pump issues

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Layne Water crew from Stuttgart arrived in Manila Friday afternoon going to work to find the problem with the large pump.

Manila city council members gathered for a special called meeting Friday morning to address a water pump issue.

Mayor Wayne Wagner thanked the council members for their prompt attention to the problem on a short notice. Council members present included Steve Milligan, Donnie Wagner, Jason Baltimore, Wendell Poteet and William Barnhart.

Mayor Wagner and Henry Ford, water superintendent, informed the council the large pump on the corner of Floyd and Alma Streets has gone out. The city's water supply is being pumped by a smaller pump located at the water treatment plant which is having to run 24/7.

Following discussion, the council voted unanimously to waive the bidding process and declare an emergency allowing the mayor to have the pump repaired by Layne Co. of Stuttgart.

Ford said the almost 1,200' well is 41 years old. The pump was rebuilt in 1999. He went on to say the problem will not be known until the company pulls the pump.

“Henry and his crew have done a good job,” Mayor Wagner said.

Workers are monitoring the smaller pump to ensure it is working to keep sufficient water supply for the city.

The estimated cost to rebuild the pump is $30,000 to $35,000, depending on repairs needed. The work should take one week to 10 days.

Ford said the cost to rebuild the pump in 1999 was $20,000.

Representatives with Buffalo Island Water Co. said if the smaller pump happens to go out, the city will be able to purchase water from Buffalo Island Water Co.

Mayor Wagner and Mr. Ford expressed their appreciation to Buffalo Island for their cooperation.

“They have been very helpful,” Mayor Wagner said. “If the need arises, Buffalo Island will pump water to us. I hope they know if they ever needed us to do the same for them, we will.”

Wagner said if the city has to purchase the water from BI, the reverse flow of the water could cause some discoloration due to settlement in the lines. He said if the city needs to go that route, workers will do their best to let the citizens know.

“The discoloration would not be the BI water but sediment in the lines that would be stirred up due to the reverse flow,” Mayor Wagner said.

Mayor Wagner said they have looked at all options to ensure the water will not go off. The smaller pump is filling the water tank during the night hours.

It was agreed by the Mayor and Council to have an open forum at 5 p.m. April 24 prior to the regular city council meeting inviting all citizens to meet with the council, ask any questions or share concerns they have about the water and sewer.

“We invite the community to come and talk to us,” Mayor Wagner said.

(Note: as of press time Monday, Ford said Layne Co. crew arrived Friday afternoon and found a broken shaft to be the problem. The company is loaning the city a pump while the repairs/rebuilding of the city's pump is done which should take 10 to 14 days. Ford said as soon as the samples clear, the second pump will be on line. He expressed his appreciation to the company for their fast response.)

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