Buffalo Island Central congratulate student and staff achievement

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Board members heard news of success throughout Buffalo Island School District at the March 16 meeting.

Jill Sanders and students in the EAST program traveled to Hot Springs, receiving the Founder's Award. Along with an award, the highest honor the program can receive, the district will acquire nearly $10,000 in technology.

"I want to give a super, super congratulations for the unbelievable job they've done. It's like hitting a home run," Superintendent Gaylon Taylor said. "It's like winning a state championship."

Taylor suggested he will be looking to begin a program in the lower grades in the future.

"I'm so glad you allowed us to bring this to the school," Taylor said. "I can't think of a better program that will help our kids succeed."

Mark Hurst, junior high school principal, shared recognition of the following Buffalo Island Junior High School academic achievements:

*Overall ACT Aspire Achievement in the combined areas of math, ELA and science.

*Top five overall Northeast Region.

*Top five ELA in Northeast Region.

*Top five science in Northeast Region.

"I just want to brag on my students and my teachers," Hurst said. "They do a great job. I appreciate you giving us the tools they need."

When asked about contributions to good scores, Hurst shared a short list citing the placement of much needed technology in students hands and the Board's decision to merge schools, creating consistency. Hurst also pointed to teacher attention, specifically Debbie Olive, for focus on individual instruction with students. He also mentioned the utilization of consulting groups as a beneficial factor in success.

The Board accepted letters of retirement from Karen McClelland, Frankie Turner and Steve Brummet.

Resignations from Dr. Charles Page, band instructor, and Mike Scutero, boys high school basketball coach, were accepted.

The Board approved an amendment to the personnel sick bank policy. Results of staff vote was 103 to 1 in favor of the changes. The previous policy stated sick leave may be granted up to 30 days per contract year for personal or family illness, disabilities or accidents (not including accidents for which employee is receiving Workers Compensation), which cause the employee to be absent from work and when the employee has exhausted all accumulated and current sick leave.

The new policy additions include an employee may not receive more than 60 days in one contract year from the sick bank.

The amended policy goes on to state in the most catastrophic situations, in which 60 days have been granted to an employee, the employee may make a request for additional days to the district superintendent. Notification will be sent to each building principal who will inform their staff of the need. Individual employees who have over 40 sick days may anonymously donate up to two days to the employee in question. Any qualifying staff member who wishes to donate days will fill out the proper paperwork at the central office. Upon completion of the paperwork, two days will be deducted from the donating employee and given to the employee in need.

A special meeting will be held in Monette at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, March 23, to view bids for construction on the new high school campus to be built.

Monthly BIC Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month.

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