Riverside School Board selects high school principal

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Matt Ziegler

Members of the Board of the Riverside School District met March 6 to discuss applicants for high school principal. Following an executive session, the Board offered the position to Matt Ziegler who graciously accepted. "Thank you," Zeigler said, "I am excited." Ziegler presently serves as assistant principal.

Superintendent Jeff Priest gave an update concerning the February regional basketball tournament hosted by the Riverside District.

Priest shared multiple compliments concerning both communities of Caraway and Lake City, the school and the tournament.

"We couldn't have asked for a better basketball atmosphere," Priest said. "There were so many moving parts behind all of that. It didn't matter who they were or where they were from, everybody was willing to pitch in."

The tournament resulted in the collection of over $17,000 in concessions. Priest shared after paying those who worked the event, the district retained an estimated $11,000.

When asked about attendance numbers Priest estimated well over 1,500 people in attendance on Saturday night.

The Board thanked Priest and shared appreciation toward all involved.

"I'm thankful for everybody in the community, Caraway and Lake City, that stepped up," Greg Douglas, board president, said. "It took a lot of people to do this and a lot of work. I do appreciate it."

The decision to sell an acre of land owned by the district, including an easement, located at the southwest corner of 601 Catfish Drive was revisited. Following the results of an appraisal, an agreement to sell the land to the city of Lake City for the price of $10,000 was amended to $7,395. The original motion made in December 2016 was contingent on the eventual purchase of remaining acreage. Mayor Jon Milligan assured Board members of the City Council's intention to purchase the land, as discussed before, in the near future.

The Board accepted the following resignations to take effect at the end of the school year:

*Brenda Hutchinson-Gifted and Talented.

*Lisa Black-fifth and sixth grade social studies.

*Connie Anderson-cafeteria staff.

Superintendent Priest shared the legislative audit was complete with only minor findings. All of the findings were quickly resolved.

A quote for liability insurance was accepted through Southern Bancorp for an estimated $5,700.

All certified staff in the district were rehired.

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