Manila Council discusses variance request

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Jeremy Gamble addresses Manila City Council.

Jeremy Gamble addressed the Manila City Council on Monday evening, Jan. 16, requesting a variance. Gamble informed the council he had purchased lots on Olympia Street where a double wide mobile home had been located before it burned.

Gamble presented plans for the construction of two houses on the two 50'x200' lots. He needs a 6' variance.

Council reviewed the plans and did not express any objections.

Incumbents Donnie Wagner (left) and Steven Milligan (right) welcome newly elected council member William Barnhart to the January meeting.

"I don't see any opposition right now," Councilman Wendell Poteet said.

Poteet explained in the past they let the requests run in the newspaper and if there are no objections, a decision was made at the next council meeting.

Manila will have a special council meeting at 5 p.m. Monday, Jan. 30.

Also, if the property owners on both sides would be willing to submit a written note recording they have no objections, it will be kept on file at city hall.

Linda Donovan, co-chair for the senior citizen building project, presented architect plan for a proposed building to be located near the Airport Center.

She said if all goes well and final plans are approved it could go to bid the last of March or first of April.

Councilman Poteet asked why the location of the building had been changed. He commented the last he heard of the building it was going to be near the Depot Center.

He was informed it was due to cost, maintenance and operation.

"I wish the council would be informed about any future changes," he said. "I did not know the location had been moved."

Mayor Wayne Wagner said the architects would be in Manila on Tuesday at 4 p.m. if any of the council would like to meet with them.

Councilman Donnie Wagner is serving with Donovan on the senior building project committee.

Mayor Wagner and the council set the budget meeting for Jan. 30. Wagner asked the council to be looking at the budget.

"We are open to suggestions," Mayor Wagner said. "We (city treasurer and mayor) have been researching everything we can and we hope to remain among the lowest in the state in our in our utility fees."

He went on to talk about the necessity of increases.

The county landfill is increasing fees by 16 percent.

"We plan to haul a couple loads ourselves and save some," Mayor Wagner said.

He went on to say fees have to go up to meet the cost.

Council talked about opening the city transfer station on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It can be opened by appointment at other times. Plans to set fees for different sizes of loads were also discussed.

Mayor Wagner said he had a request from the fire chief to take Chris Stallings off the fire department and add Vince Bollinger.

The council voted unanimously to approve the chief's request.

Council also discussed setting a privilege license fee, waiving the present businesses until 2018.

Mayor Wagner said the recent rusty water issues were due to maintenance on a water tank at the pumping station.

"I don't know why the water was worse in some parts of town and not others," he said.

He went on to say the big tank also needed maintenance but it would not be done while school is in session and people would be informed ahead of time. The maintenance work could possibly be done during the school spring break, March 20-24.

The city is getting a Facebook page and giving the city another avenue to keep residents informed of any upcoming changes in schedule.

Mayor Wagner said the council is also looking at changing the way trash containers can be purchased. Residents can pay up front or have the cost on their first water bill. The trash cans have been a great success he said.

Council also discussed raising the water meter deposit rates. Mayor Wagner said the rate increases have to be done.

Auditors approved the destruction of city documents from 2009. The council voted unanimously to destroy the documents. Councilmen Donnie Wagner and William Barnhart volunteered to witness the destruction of the documents.

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