Depot accepts Entergy check

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Manila Depot Committee members accept a grant from Matt Faries with Entergy. Pictured are Donna Jackson, Barbara Chojnacki, Linda Donovan, Mr. Faries and Calvnita Halfacre.

Matt Faires, Entergy Customer Service representative, recently presented a check for $800 to the Manila Depot Committee. The money will be used to purchase a computer to help the Manila museum digitize its collections.

The computer will allow museum directors to consolidate materials, scan printed photos and documents, archive photos of exhibits on display, and move accession files onto CDs for easy accessibility. The city will furnish WiFi to the museum to provide research capabilities for its staff and the public.

The Depot Committee relayed to Mr. Faires their sincere appreciation for Entergy's generous gift.

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