Leachville Council hears proposal from Survival Flight rep

Tuesday, December 27, 2016
Cindy Buck (standing), membership manager with Survival Flight, talks to the Leachville City Council. Also pictured are newly elected State Rep. Johnny Rye and Marilyn Looney.

The Leachville City Council heard a proposal from Cindy Buck, membership manager with Survival Flight based in Kennett. She distributed brochures and discussed a plan for city employees, including the council, fire department, and police department for $10 per person per year. The coverage be in effect during work time. Employees on the city plan would be eligible to enroll in the family plan for only $30 a year. She said the employee, along with all members of the household, would be covered 24/7.

She talked about the company and the 407 helicopter. She went on to say the 407 travels faster, has a third seat and has a lift off time of one minute.

"We could be here in six minutes," she said.

Mayor Ralph Wells said he thought the price is good.

Councilwoman Teresa Johnson also expressed her appreciation for the information.

Mayor Wells said the council will look at it and get back with her.

Mayor Wells introduced newly elected Representative Johnny Rye who spoke to the council.

Rye said he was looking forward to working with the cities. He said he would be serving on the transportation committee.

"We need money for roads in northeast Arkansas.

He said when it comes to issues he is willing to listen to what the city officials think is right for their towns.

"I want you to call me," he said. "You have a good town. Small towns have a hard way to go."

He shared an information package he had received on some changes saying he thought some will be good for the towns.

Rye said he was concerned he had not seen anything on the GIF Funds in the budget.

"The GIF Funds mean a lot to our small towns," he said.

Following the financial review given by Keith, Richie Pace questioned which funds the rural donations went into the Fire Departments discretionary fund or the fire protection fund.

Keith said she was told by the auditors the private funds have to be separate from the public funds.

Mayor Wells suggested Pace and Keith to get together later in the week and go over how the two accounts are separated.

Police Officer Brandon Womack presented quotes for a radio system.

"I know it won't happen tonight, this month or this year, but it is something for you to consider," Womack said. "Leachville and Dell are the only cities in the area still on the analog system. It is time to update."

He gave the quotes from 2015 to compare with new quotes.

During the discussion Brandon said Rep. Wallace told him $10,000 had been set aside for this project.

Keith said she had not received any information on any new grant money set aside. She said the only grant money she knew about set aside had been earmarked for other projects.

Keith said she talked to representatives and was told about only one grant.

Mayor Wells informed the council the city had been turned down for the park grant and the sewer grant.

He expressed his appreciation to Police Officer Zakk Cocker who recently completed the academy.

He expressed his appreciation to outgoing council member Tommy Stone, Karen Wallace, and Michael Webster.

"It has been good serving with you," he said."

He welcomed the incoming council members informign them therej would be a swearing in ceremony by Judge Ralph Wilson on Sunday, Jan. 1, at 2 p.m. in the court room at the Blytheville Courthouse.

He asked the newly elected members to let him know if they wanted to go there or make other arrangements.

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