Lake City Council aproves bonuses

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lake City Mayor Jon Milligan asked the Council the approve the 2016 end of the year bonuses at the Dec. 12 meeting. The Council voted unanimously to approve the following as requested by Mayor Milligan: First Responders: Chris Snyder $350, Karen Witcher $350, Ron Nunnally $250, Terry Fitzgerald $200, Herb Davis Jr. $75, and Bryan Wells $100.

Mayor Milligan said city items sold at the farm auction totaled $1,725 with $850 from the fire truck with the remaining $875 from the street department items.

The Mayor asked the Council to consider doing a partnership purchase between Riverside School and the City of Lake City. An agreement would have to be formed with various details of ownership, storage, etc. Purchase price would be $7,500 plus tax. Mayor Milligan said one half of the cost would be $3568.75. A motion was made by Alderman Dunigan and seconded by Alderman Barker to proceed with the partnership purchase between Riverside School and the City of Lake City of the JLG 26X32E2 Lift. The motion passed unanimously.

City Clerk Linda Simpson read the third reading of Ordinance No. 285-16, An Ordinance Establishing Criteria For Eligibility For Medical Insurance For Both Uniform And Non-Uniform Retirees And Their Dependents, by title only.

The ordinance was adopted unanimously.

Simpson read the second reading of Ordinance No. 286-16 An Ordinance Approving Annexation Of Certain Contiguous Lands To The City Limits Of The City of Lake City. The second reading was accepted.

Mayor Milligan said the City had received the income from the City farm being farmed by Gary and Brannon Qualls. Income should total $10,000 for 36 acres for 2016. The Council was well pleased.

Mayor Milligan expressed his appreciation to Daniel Haynes for the great job he did with the Christmas Parade this year. It was a huge success, he appreciated everyone who worked so hard to make this annual event a joyous one for the families of the city. Mayor Milligan also expressed a heartfelt thank you to all of the hard work the Lake City Volunteer Fire Department did in preparing for the ISO inspection. The City should know in a few months about its rating.

Alderman Brenda Hutcheson said the Letters to Santa event was a success, and asked that anyone in Lake City that is a veteran to please turn in your name to the museum, or City Hall with your water bill.

Mayor Milligan thanked Alderman Wisham and Alderman Davis for the time each one had served as an alderman for the City.

Next council meeting will be 5:30 p.m. Jan. 16 at City Hall.

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