Water and sewer rates change for the city of Monette

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Monette City Council agreed to water and sewer rate increase at the Nov. 28 meeting.

The Council upheld the following increases outlined in ordinances 2013-1 and 2013-2:

*The first 2,000 gallons of water will be charged at $20.40 and $2.72 per 1,000 gallons after reaching the 2,000 minimum.

*The rates for sewer fees will be $25.48 for the first 2,000 gallons of water and $2.72 per 1,000 gallons after reaching the 2,0000 minimum.

*Meter deposit will remain $125 at this time.

The Council heard recognition of a new city holiday. Vickki Carrol, city treasurer/recorder, read the proclamation declaring Nov. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Claude Earl Barnett day in honor of the couples 70th wedding anniversary.

Mayor Jerry Chub Qualls suggested the purchase of a recycling truck using sanitation grant funds saved over the course of three years. The city currently uses Ford trucks. However, no Fords were available on the state bid sheet. The Council chose a Dodge for an estimated $20,060 for recycling purposes only.

A savings account will be opened for the sanitation department. $1,000 will be placed into the account each month to either fund repairs or replace the city trash truck in the future. The decision was prompted by a recent $6,960 repair due to computer system failure.

The Council approved the purchase of a new police vehicle after receiving the $17,825 General Improvement Fund grant awarded earlier in the year. The estimated total, including equipment, will be $32,000. The remaining total not covered by the GIF funds will be taken from funds budgeted for 2016 in anticipation of buying the new vehicle. Chief Carmichael was approved to make the order and gave a tentative arrival date for Feb. or March 2017.

Mayor Qualls reported 240 new water meters have been installed.

Following some discussion Christmas bonuses were decided. Full time city employees will receive a $500 bonus. One part time employee will receive $250 for the holiday bonus.

Council members briefly viewed the 2017 budget proposal and will take the month to review. An in depth discussing will be held during the December meeting.

Mayor Qualls reminded the Council of upcoming appoints to the Monette Memorial Cemetery Board and the Planning Commission to be held in January.

Mayor Qualls took a moment to recognize the election of Aaron Uthoff, who was present at the meeting, on his appointment as Alderman for 2017.

The motion was made to remove an entrance at Oak Street and mark the area as no outlet following discussion of complaints and safety concerns.

Alderman Pace complimented the new tree at the intersection prompting recognition of the Beautification Committee for a job well done.

The December Monette City Council meeting is schedule for Dec. 19 at The Buffalo Island Museum followed by a dinner to be held at Monette City Hall. The Council invited local business owners to join in the meal.

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