Lake City Council approves ordinances

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lake City Council met in special called meeting on Monday, Nov. 28, unanimously approving two ordinances.

The council voted to suspend the rule and place Ordinance No. 289-16, an Ordinance disgnating places for the posting of ordinances; prescribing other matters related thereto; and declaring an emergency on the first reading by title only. Following the second and third reading by title only, the ordinance passed.

The second ordinance, No. 290-16, also passed unanimously.

Ordinance No. 290-16, an Ordinance Authorizing The Construction Of Betterments And Improvements To The Water Facilities Of The City Of Lake City, Arkansas; Authorizing the Issuance Of A Water And Sewer Revenue Bond For The Purpose Of Financing All Or A Portion Of The Cost Of The Construction; Providing For The Payment Of The Principal And Interest On The Bond; Repealing Ordinance No. 287-16, Adopted November 21, 2016; And Prescribing Other Matters Relating Thereto., was passed after the second and third reading by title only.

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