Manila Council hears airport comments

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Woody Townsend with the Manila Pilot's Association updated the Manila City Council at the Nov. 21 meeting on work at the airport and recent comments left by visiting pilots.

Woody Townsend with the Manila Pilots Association addressed the City Council.

"We are making impressions," Townsend said.

Townsend read several comments left on the comment/suggestion pages provided at the airport terminal building.

One from a pilot from Texas read, "Great facility, used the crew vehicle to go eat." Another from a physician from Germany said, "The best pilot's lounge I ever saw during my flying in the U.S. since 1995. I took pictures from this place and will write an article in one of Germany's flying magazines...."

Another comment left by a pilot from California called the airport an incredible place. It went on to explain flying a Great Lakes biplane from Virginia to San Diego. "It was a pleasure to stop here. Thank you for building the best FBO I have ever seen."

Townsend informed the council the damaged electrical box had been replaced. Work is underway on getting a motor for the rotating beacon as well as work on entry to the airport near Roseland Apartments which will cut down on the traffic around the pool.

"We were approved for a grant of $1,745 on Wednesday and two of the three projects are completed," he said.

Among the projects are replacement of concrete slab where the box was replaced and striping. The concrete needs to sit a few weeks before being striped. Striping will also be done in the terminal parking lot for a total of 13 parking spaces and two handicapped spaces.

The hangars are full. Townsend said more hangars are needed as well as a flight instructor.

"It all works together," he said. "What helps the airport helps the city."

Mayor Wayne Wagner and council expressed their appreciation to Mr. Townsend for the update.

Angelina Sickles addressed the council about placing a mobile home behind her mother's home on Kennedy Lane. She said it would be her residence and the neighbors around the property had no objection.

Mayor Wagner explained the council will hear the request and act on it at the next meeting.

"We treat everyone the same," Mayor Wagner said.

He went on to explain by waiting to make a decision, neighbors have the opportunity to express any objections and the council has the opportunity to drive by the site.

It was suggested she bring written comments from people living in the neighborhood.

The next city council meeting was set for Monday, Dec. 5.

Mayor Wagner also noted a request for a mobile home on Baker Street by Ronald Sanders had been made. Mr. Sanders was not at the meeting.

Following an executive session, the council voted unanimously to give $1,400 Christmas bonuses to full time employees; $700 to part-time employees; with an additional $100 to department heads; $100 each for the firefighters and $150 for the fire chief.

The council voted unanimously to hire Phillip Ford and Gaige Edwards part-time at $8 an hour. Also hired part-time to work in city hall and the police court was Tiffany Boyd. She will work 28 hours at $8 an hour.

Mayor Wagner informed the council the insurance rates will be going up in 2017. He also asked council members to let the city treasurer know if they plan to attend the Municipal League winter conference.

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