Lexie Roberson and Lynn Ellis team up to help others

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Lynn Ellis and Lexie Roberson make up the Kindness Konnection team.

L&L's Kindness Konnections came about by coincidence, or as Lexie Roberson and Lynn Ellis call it fate. Lexie is a sixth grade Riverside East student and Lynn is a retired nurse. What they both have in common is a deep desire to help others.

Lynn and her son, Cannon Ellis, were riding their 4-wheeler in June when Lynn started thinking about how hot it was and how glad she was that her parents could afford air conditioning. Lynn went home and got on her computer and asked if anyone knew of any older people who might need a fan.

Tammy Williams, manager of the housing authority in Caraway, told her she might want to contact Lexie Roberson.

Lexie had called Williams the same day asking about giving fans to older people.

That is where the partnership began.

Between the efforts of the two, they soon had 25 fans to give away with a developed friendship that spans the generation gap.

"The fans came from family members, nurses I have worked with, and from others who wanted to help," Lynn said.

What started with the same thought on a hot June day has grown into a partnership that has helped many.

Lexie and Lynn have prepared and distributed survivor kits for police officers in Caraway and members of the volunteer fire department.

Kathy Roberson, Lexie's mother, offers her helping hands when needed, along with Lynn's son, Cannon. In addition to the fan project, they have distributed clothes, food and met other needs.

Lexie had a booth at the Caraway Harvest Festival and collected money to purchase cans of soup and throws.

They will be giving warm throws and cans of soup, gloves and toboggans. They are also collecting toys to share for Christmas and are looking locally for an orphanage.

Since Lynn retired she had time on her hands and this has certainly filled a void. She also attends Celebrate Recovery and is involved there in a food pantry.

Lexie also started a campaign collecting coloring books and crayons for St. Jude and Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. This was a project she did in memory of her friend Bailey Kelems who passed away.

Lexie's care for others goes back for a couple of years. She was in a book fair and a classmate did not have enough money to purchase a book she wanted. Lexie put her chosen items back and helped her classmate.

"I got a blessing from doing that," Lexie said. "I have everything I need. Too many kids don't have, and I really want to share. It fills me with such happiness to be able to help others."

Lexie is a reader and has a large collection of books.

Lexie and Lynn commend the community they live in.

"People have been very generous," Lexie said. "I received a $100 donation to use for the elderly and another $100 to use where I see a need."

Lexie is on the Student Advisory committee and makes the A honor roll. She loves school. She plans to make cards to deliver to the nursing homes along with gifts.

L&L has a Facebook page. Also, if anyone would like to help or needs anything, they can call Lynn at (870) 482-3789.

Lynn and Lexie even have a mission statement: Smile always, give freely and be kind.

They make a good team.

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