Caraway council works through short agenda

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Caraway City Council worked through a short agenda Thursday, Nov. 10, adopting the county mitigation plan and reviewing the 2017 proposed budget as presented by Mayor Barry Riley.

Council members present included Mark Bell, Marvin Browning, John Boatman and Bo James. Absent were Mitchell Tipton and Roger Williams.

Terry Couch, water and sewer director, explained one of the expenses was the replacement of a grinder pump.

Mayor Riley explained the city is required to keep one pump in stock for emergencies.

Mayor Riley informed the council the city's web-page should be finished within a few weeks. He also commended Councilmen Roger Williams and the committee for a wonderful fall festival.

The council voted unanimously to adopt Resolution 2016-5, the County Mitigation plan.

Mayor Riley reviewed the proposed 2017 budget he presented for the council members to review.

He pointed out he would like to take off two percent in June in the water and sewer. Additional purchases in the proposed budget included the purchase of a 48" smooth bucket for a total of $2,500 with payment using half from the street department funds and half from the water and sewer department.

Riley pointed out the insurance premiums are going up and he had $40,000 set side for line repair. He hopes to have $10,000 in reserve for asphalt. He also proposed a 25 cent an hour raise for all employees.

After the review, Mayor Riley asked the council to go over the budget and be ready to discuss it at the next meeting.

Couch said the paving on Tennessee Street would be best if it is left to settle. He explained if it is paved before it is packed down sufficiently it will sink.

The council also agreed they needed to get more cold patch in stock.

Mayor Riley said crews are working on the park at the fence and it should be back up in a week. Then they will start on the bathrooms.

Fire Chief Scott Browning told the council a valve is out on the fire truck and it would not pump. He said the truck has a 750 gallon tank but they could not hook it to a hydrant for more if needed. The valve is being rebuilt and will cost $3,500.

The council voted to pay the repairs on Engine 1 out of ACT money.

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