Leachville hydrants tested

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A team of Buffalo Island Central EAST students in Jill Sanders' classroom partnered with the Leachville Fire Department in a project to pressure test the city's 80+ fire hydrants.

BIC High School EAST students, volunteers and firefighters partner to test and number all fire hydrants in Leachville. Pictured are students Jayden Fowler, Christopher Renteria, Herman Roblero, and Jonathan Gomez, firemen Fire Chief Richie Pace and fireman Drake Brown, and volunteers Brian McDaniel and son Taylor.

EAST Initiative students use technology to work throughout the community on projects to benefit their school and community.

Herman Roblero, 12th grade, and 11th grade students, Jayden Fowler, Christopher Renteria and Jonathan Gomez, formed a team to work with Leachville firemen to check the pressure, number the fire hydrants and log the results.

This is Fowler's second project assisting the fire department. Last year he worked with a team creating digital maps for the firefighters which has proven to be very helpful.

Drake Brown, firefighter, worked with the students on Friday as they went about the city testing hydrants.

"We appreciate the school and Mrs. Sanders for their help," Brown said. "We need volunteers willing to offer assistance."

Also volunteering to help with the project was Brian McDaniel and son, Taylor.

Leachville Fire Chief Richie Pace commended the young people for their work.

"The testing must be done and numbering the fire hydrants will be very helpful," Chief Pace said. "This is something that can help the city's ISO fire rating which will be good for all the citizens of Leachville. I also like getting the young people involved in civic projects. It benefits us, the community and the young people. Hopefully, someday some of them will become our firefighters and continue to serve the community."

Leachville firemen are looking forward to opening their new sub-station near Highway 18. Construction is underway.

Chief Pace said Leachville has good volunteers serving on the fire department and they do a good job. He is proud to serve as fire chief with them.

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