Nucor makes Monette donation

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Nucor presented $10,000 to the new Monette Veterans Park and seven life saving harnesses, at $500 each, to Monette Fire Departmant. Pictured are: David Clark, fire chief; Henrietta Qualls, Veteran's Park chairman; and Harrell Damron, Nucor representative. (Photo provided/Nan Snider)

Nucor-Yamato Steel Company, of Blytheville, made two generous contributions to benefit the City of Monette last month, with the purchase of seven life-saving harness vests for the fire department and a check for $10,000 for construction of the new veterans park monument.

"Nucor has had a long history for helping communities, whenever they see a genuine need," said company representative Harrell Damron. "Safety is a top priority of the companies, so naturally when they heard of a growing need for fire departments to have safety harnesses for grain bin rescues, they wanted to make a contribution."

"Nucor purchased seven safety harness vest for our firemen to use," said Monette Fire Chief David Clark. "The harness vests are estimated to cost $500 each, so needless to say this would have been a great expense for us to provide. The harnesses are top grade and allow firemen to suit up quickly and latch themselves onto a part of the grain structure and lower themselves into the bin to reach anyone who has fallen in and is in distress. Estimates reveal that we only have five minutes or less to reach the entrapped person and restore their airways."

Time is of the essence when someone falls into a grain bin, and having the professional equipment close at hand makes it a matter of life and death for the trapped individual. Several area farmers have provided financing for a utility trailer to house the rescue equipment, which consists of the harness vests and a red metal tube to put in place around the person(s) who has fallen in, in order to remove the grain surrounding them, and restore an oxygen supply before they suffocate.

"We are very thankful for Nucor's contribution," Clark said.

Nucor-Yamato also contributed $10,000 toward the construction of the new veterans park monument being built in Monette.

Monument Committee Chairman Henrietta Qualls accepted the contribution last month from Nucor-Yamato employee Harrell Damron, who also serves on the monument committee.

"We are working diligently to raise funding to honor veterans by constructing a large black marble monument in the city's veterans park," Qualls said. "The park is located on the northeast corner of Monette's stoplight intersection. We are partnering with the City of Monette and the Beautification Committee on this project in hopes we can secure veterans' names and have them engraved on the monument. We want to honor our veterans and show our appreciation for their service. The contribution from Nucor is deeply appreciated."

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